Friday, July 29, 2011

the auto-feeder

 So this is how I found him yesterday as I was cleaning up lunch….propped up against the wall a few feet from his auto-feeder..might be a good time to remove the auto-feeder…he looks miserable eh?  hahaha  The funny thing is he stayed in the same position for awhile and didn’t move or blink when I was taking his photo!


I’ve had cats growing up and always remember having a bowl of food out for them…I understand cats to be snackers, not really the type to eat a meal in one sitting…until I met Ziggy here. He is over weight at 15 pounds…he’s only a year old.  So I’m wondering if any of you do auto-feeders, or only feed at certain times and how much.

I tried taking his auto-feeder didn’t last…he pestered me all day like I was starving him!

Question 2….I’m going on a road trip possibly a month long and want to know any tips on traveling with a cat…like the litter box issue, hotels, kennels, feeding and watering ect.???

Thanks a lot! :)

Aubrey xo

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HOPE said...

Hee hee...too stuffed to move or that is OVER eating!!!

We only put our ONE bowl of food...the auto feeder continually REFILLS!! maybe you can sike him by just putting a tiny bit at a time..during the day when he sees it is empty AGAIN.

I forgot you'd be traveling with Ziggy. Most hotels DO NOT allow cats..especially. Back of van...AUTO kitty littter water...not food and nice kitty bed. A space all to himself. And benydryl..some cats get car dizzy don't need that! You might leave him with someone til you get back..

Great pic Ziggy...I feel Skinny!