Friday, July 1, 2011

Shabby chic lamp


I saw ball covered in flowers in a Pottery Barn catalog…I really can’t remember it was so long ago, but I wanted to copy it onto a lamp shade and save myself a ton of money!! :)

I finished this adorable shade yesterday….my “simple” idea took longer than I thought.  But I so love how it turned out and so does Genevieve!! I still need to add some more pearls…I ran out:(


I initially wanted to make roses, but it just wasn’t developing into the look I wanted…so I made “petals”. 

1. First I cut two different size circles, one bigger than the other.  I also cut a smaller circle out of this sheer fabric. The pink is satin.  Then I added the three pearls for the center. Sorry the lighting isn’t the greatest in the photo…I purposely made the circle uneven as it gives a real natural look to the petals.


2.  I took the two circles, stacked them, folded them in half, and then in half again to sorta make a triangle and then stitched at the very edge of the end of the fold where it makes a point. This stitch causes the fabric or flower to sorta stand out 3-D ish on the shade so it looks very much like a flower. 


3. Hot glue flowers in four rows around the shade, then add sheer circle and pearls!


The lamp base was a bronze and red I picked up from Dollar General last year…it had a raised design so I knew it would look super cute distressed in white for that perfect shabby chic look! :)011

You all have a safe and happy 4th of July!! We have a fun-filled weekend planned!! Check out our vintage 4th of July ceremony we had a couple weekends ago for inspiration here and here. :)

I’m linking up to this lady for frugal friday inspiration! ;)


HOPE said...

Oh I know little PRINCESS loves it!!

How clever!!!


Jessica said...

This is so pretty, love those petals! Happy 4th to you all!

LoeLaLoep (Heidi) said...

Such an adorable lampshade!
The base fits so well with it; wish I would find one like that here.
Thanks for sharing, I'll pin it to my DIY board :)

Aubrey said...

Thanks too. Miss ya! Thanks Heidi for stopping by! :)

Manuela@A Cultivated Nest said...

I'm sure that took a while to do but it looks just fabulous!

Happy 4th of July!