Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Summit for the Riley Family



I met Sam Riley when I was a young girl at my home church. His parents were/are in the ministry of helping churches/christian schools with their construction needs, his father also does evangelism work wherever he goes, although actually their ministry reaches much farther.  They came often to our church when I was growing up and we had the privilege of serving with his family and watching their ministry grow. I can remember one time they came in their bus with two or three more boys they had brought from the Boy’s and Girl’s home, where they also ministered. They had a huge heart for God’s people and the ministry, and now their children are also serving the Lord in ministries.

Recently, I came in touch with his family after hearing of a tragedy that happened this past Friday.  Bro. Sam Riley was hit while driving his motorcycle less than a mile from his home.  He is in critical condition. He is suffering multiple injuries including severe head trauma, fractures and shattered bones.  At the moment he is only barely communicating with a squeeze of his hand.  The doctors are still unsure as to what extent the injuries are and what the long term prognosis will be, but they do know he will need at least a year to recover and probably will not even be walking for at least three months. 

Bro Sam Riley is married and has three young children,boy 10 weeks, a girl 22 months, and a boy 3 years . He is active in his church at Landmark Baptist Church in Searcy, Arkansas.  He preaches as well as sings in the Gospel group, The Representatives.  He is newly employed for an oil rigging company in Chesapeake.  They are hoping for at least short term disability, but with a recovery time of a year, he will need assistance elsewhere.quartet

As God would have it, He has brought this to our attention at the same time my husband and I are planning a summit to the highest peak in NH.  We were wanting to use this summit as a fundraiser  to serve the Lord somehow.  We believe Sam Riley and is family are the ones we would like to raise support for through our hike-a-thon. The need is there and who better to raise our support and prayers to than one of our own family in the Lord. 

I’m asking sponsors to donate $1.00 a foot.  We plan to climb a little over 6,000 ft to reach our summit.  I would be thrilled to have every foot sponsored for this benefit.  I know we can do it!  I’m excited to see God work and provide!  I leave it up to you to decide how many feet you wish to sponsor.  Each donation will go directly to the Riley family, and each sponsor will receive a receipt for a tax deduction at their request. If you wish to go beyond the dollar and help further, than please tell your friends, family, church, ect, about this benefit summit and let them also be a part of helping this family! This is a great opportunity to be a blessing and share in the blessings and joy of giving to others and for the Lord! I know all of us can think of numerous times when our needs were met through prayer and giving…here’s a chance to give back and see God do amazing things through this family’s tragedy and in your own life! 

How to donate:

We will accept checks or money orders made out to Sam Riley. Cash is great too! All proceeds or correspondence in regards to this benefit summit will go to the following address:

Please leave a comment with your email addy if you wish to recieve the address to sponsor this hike.

Following the summit, we will be sending a card with a summit photo (which will include a sign stating Summit for the Riley Family, and how many feet were paid for) and all monies to the Riley family.  If you choose to sponsor this summit, we will include your name/business/church in the card under sponsors who have supported this benefit.

Maybe you can’t sponsor this hike-a-thon with money, but you can certainly sponsor us through your prayers!! Pray for the Riley family, and a successful summit. :)

Thanks so much!

Aubrey xo


Carrie said...

You forgot to add the address to send the funds to!

Aubrey said...

Hi Carrie...I didn't want to publish my address online so I asked for those who wish to donate to send me their email so I can give the address! :) I did post it on FB though!

HOPE said...

My heart aches for the Riley's..But God knows..HE has a purpose in it all.

GREAT idea..how generous and I pray much $$ comes in for the needs they have.

Love you..