Sunday, July 17, 2011

Wild flowers in the valley

A few days ago the girls and I went foraging for herbs to dry for tea! I know it’s been awhile since I last posted a holistic remedy, I promise one to come …my husband’s parents are visiting right now, so it will have to wait this time.  I will tell you it has to do with Stinging Nettle! Ouch! It does make a wonderful, healthy tea. :) We found lots and lots of it by the lake we’ve been hanging out at on the weekends.

The last month has been pretty stressful and at times discouraging…I am a cup-half-full kinda gal…I don’t like to dwell on the negatives or imagine a worst case scenario….I try to find something good in everything….and everyone…I look for the sun to shine everyday, rain is a welcoming change with an excuse to lose myself in a good book, I don’t sweat the small stuff…it always does work out…and I find that in almost everything you really can give thanks!! But~ that was all truly tested this last month…the real me anyway…was I still the opimistic, full of faith and hope, never doubting ect ect…..Oh and I should mention that I don’t give up very easily….but maybe that is a blessing in circumstances where your faith and determination to succeed is tested.  EVERY time I am again reminded that God is GOOD all the time…..His way is perfect…we don’t have all the answers….I may never find the answer to the question WHY????  But the ONE in control knows and that’s all that matters.  This is faith…letting go and letting whatever happens happen….just the way God intended it. Don’t fight it….If I choose to fight it..then I truly have not given my circumstances to God now have I?   

One thing I know when you’re in the valley of discouragement, the devil will try to get you to doubt God…to doubt His will, His plan, His ability to answer prayers, His ability to keep His promises.   So how does one climb out? Sing! Singing praises to Him invokes a spirit of faith and gratitude…faith, because you’re singing to the One you have placed that hope in to get your through this based on the promises in His Word, and gratitude for all the things He’s done for you.  So sing…    Help another soul-encourage someone else…..because many times in our valley of discouragement we are consumed with OUR problems, Our needs, and Our wants…..but when we are helping or serving another or encouraging another, our eyes are no longer on US, and there is joy in helping someone else…and don’t we need joy in the valley of discouragement?  Pray! Pray through the fog, pray when you feel a wall, pray even through the doubt…God does hear….He is answering! Read His promises over and over…and claim them, believe them, and hope in them!!

And for something extra and sweet….pick flowers! :)   I find comfort many times in being outdoors …in the woods…or by a lake…it’s peaceful.  I needed a sanctuary and the girls and I went to pick flowers!

We picked lots and lots of wild flowers to decorate around the house.  I love fresh flowers on the table, don’t you? You can see Genevieve running around with her flower basket! :)



And sometimes we wear them! :)




Have a wonderful week dear friends….I think of you often and pray for you!

Aubrey xo


Sarah said...

I ABSOLUTELY LOVE that picture of the three of you! You need to frame that!

Dianne said...

Thank you for such a wonderful post!
I do sometimes sweat the small stuff. Thanks for the reminder not to.
To rely on the Lord to help us through all of our troubles is the only thing to do!
Thank you so much for this post, as I had just had such a discouraging, guilt filled phone call just minutes ago and then I read your post.
Now I will go and read my devotion and give it all to JESUS!

Aubrey said...

Aw thank you so much for sharing Dianne! I will pray with you about it!

LeAnn said...

Hugs! Sorry I 've been so absent...........I think I need to simplify my life in some way. Wait will that intail more work? :-)
Love you, and your post was what I needed to read just now, and the pictures awesome!

Perspective said...


mommy2maddie said...

Just got to love those orange lillies! I have them here in my front garden, we call them Day Lillies here in Nova Scotia. What a wonderful way to enjoy the simple things in life with your little ones. My oldest loves picking wild flowers, I'm just looking for a cute craft ideas to keep the dried flowers.