Wednesday, July 13, 2011

The important things…



Well, I’ve had fun working on some house projects…it’s relaxing some times to have other things to do besides house work, school, ect…. I’ve been on summer break from school, although still homeschooling.  I’ve decided to continue their school until we pack up, as we will be moving when school starts.

Just to update you….the kids and I will not be traveling to Germany just yet….they want my husband to secure a house before they will give orders for us to move.  I’m just hoping it takes place before NY winter starts. He leaves in Sept….we are still moving out of our home and sending our stuff overseas….yes I suppose I will be homeless for awhile…or rather a nomad, gypsy ect.  I enjoyed playing housewife while it lasted now it’s time again for the adventures to start.  :) 

The kids and I will be doing a road trip while DH is away waiting on our home.  I have many exciting places to stop and see…I’m looking forward to the opportunity again to focus on the important things in my life…like my kids.  As much as I like to decorate, make things, pursue hobbies ect…I find more satisfaction and joy in making memories with my family and enjoying life with experiences rather than in things.    Sometimes I find that putting things away, like us moving and putting our stuff in storage ect…puts things in true perspective…there are “no things” to distract us from our purposes in life, our children, husbands….Today I realized that even more as I looked around the house feeling a bit dissatisfied with this and that… So I stopped “doing” and played a card game with my 8 yr old for a little while….then after supper I went to the park with my two teen boys and played a few games of basketball with them(which btw, I still got it) ;).   I get to know my kids a little better when there are less “stuff” to worry about.  I’m looking forward to this transition mostly to tie more strings with my kids, build a closer relationship with them, and teaching them more about life while doing so. 

There are a lot of unknowns in the process of moving, especially overseas…I’ve gotten tons of different answers on every subject concerning our move.  I’ve really just laid the questions to rest…taking one day at a time…living in the moment.   I watch my kids and I learn so much about TRUST….they play so hard every day…as if they won’t see their friends again, the park, the basketball court, the bikes, they sleep hard, they laugh hard, they don’t hold back….they live in the moment …they take one day at a time. They don’t worry about tomorrow or the next day!  I watch my kids and I want to be like them…I want to leave it all up to God and just enjoy the day…enjoy the present, we’re not promised tomorrow, we only have today and NOW….what are you doing about NOW?

So this is where we’re at….we will be putting in our 30 day notice next month and then begins the move…so I suppose you may be in store for many interesting, hopefully exciting…and not too many LUCY moments to read about!! :)

Aubrey xo


Sarah said...

I promise you won't be homeless! You can come stay with us...I did talk it over with Doug and he is more than ok with it! Mom and Dad even said you could sleep there...they have 2 extra rooms. :) God is good!

Perspective said...

I love this post! It is so true...How many times I have learned from my children...and they're only 15 months old. Living in the present is truly a gift and skill all at the same time. I am so excited for your many adventures and admire your ability to just go with the flow...or where ever the road may lead you! You are always an inspiration to me Aubrey!

mrsgarageflower said...

I just found your blog yesterday. I love reading it. Our daughter #2 is married to an Army hero and lives in Grafenwohr Germany. I hope the housing comes through quickly for you.

HOPE said...

You can ALWAYS stay here!!!

Yes..the kids need you more than anything and the adventures and time spent with them will be with them always.

Basketball gal who even BEAT HER PRINCIPAL once!! hee hee Did you ever tell the kids, he even gave you a certificate or was that a stay after school pass??? mmm? LOL

God is with you wherever you are.

LOVE and Hugs