Thursday, August 4, 2011

life skills at home


About a month ago, we started paying out the wazzoo  for the kids doing various jobs around the house! I came downstairs one day to find my husband holding interviews at the dining room table.  Picture him at one end of a very long table and a kid sitting at the other end…hands neatly folded on the table….little legs wriggling underneath for all their worth…while waiting for the string of questions regarding their application to begin.  He was a serious as a heart attack with his questions.

(have you ever done this type of work before? What can you offer to this company? Are you punctual? Are you a good teammate? Can you work weekends or holidays?)


Little did I know that he had them write out “resumes” to apply for the list of jobs he put together earlier that week. Here’s a sample of that list:

1. Kitchen 5.00 a week

2. Bathrooms 4.00

3 Laundry 4.00

4 Sweep and mop 3.00

Each job had a list of duties and qualifications that needed to be met in order to get the job…well, considering how successful the interview goes anyway…

My husband believes in literal life skills around here….”they need to know how an interview works, how to dress for one, how to fill out a resume….ect. ect. ect.”  

I’m sharing their resumes with you cuz I know you will get a kick out of these…I laughed everytime I read them…privately.  

Haleigh (she includes her birthdate)(she applied for the kitchen job)

I am very organized and I like to clean. I do not have butterfingers.  I am a clean-a-hulic and hate a messy room. I have experyins in cleaning the house and I have cleaned the kitchen a couple times. I clean if I see something out.

Scills (skills):

table wiper, dish cleaner, putting away dishes, (I have never broken a glass), I make shore I don’t leave a spot of a plate that I clean.


Avery (includes full name, color of hair and eyes)


I play guitar, write, draw, play basketball, play xbox.

Jobs I’ve had so far:

Cat box, sweeping the kitchen.

I’ve never owned a house, a car, or ever committted a crime. I’m twelve.


Austin (includes full name, birth date and age)

I have cleaned bathrooms – Nana’s house (i think maybe he meant he started or learned there) hmmmm.

Mowing lawns – started march 12, 2006

Laundry – started January 3, 2005

I have experience cleaning bathrooms. I don’t have the time I started. I have always mowed the lawn, so I have a lot of experience doing that.  I do have experience for doing laundry, but not a lot.

I’m still looking for the youngest applicant’s resume….:)

So they now we’re trying to help them practice good work ethics and spending their money wisely….the latter will take time…today was payday for them and one implied he was buying a case of Gatorade, the other is saving up for a Chipmunk and a ferret!!!

welcome new followers…I’ve enjoyed hearing from you!! :)

Aubrey xo 


Pam--in America said...

Love this, SO cute! Thanks for sharing.

Carrie said...

They will get a real kick out of those when they're grown and you show them!