Monday, August 15, 2011


I’m pausing amidst packing to update you….it may be a few days before I can post again.

Because we’re not traveling together ….the whole moving out is going to take 4 days, because some stuff is going into storage, some to Germany, and some with me.  ugh….a pain in the butt!  So I’ve been washing clothes all day and sorting through which ones to take and leave for the movers.  I’m going south to see family, but by the time I make it to Germany it’s going to be pretty cool…so I’m thinking swimsuit and snowsuit and we’re good!!! HA! I sure wish it was that easy. :)

It’s 9pm and the washer and dryer are still going…so am I….barely.

I feel like a horrible friend right now, I just cancelled a starbucks date with a friend for tonight, and a lunch date that was scheduled for tomorrow.  But seriously, It would be more stressful for me to try to keep it than let it go and hope we meet up before I leave.  My list of things to do is maxed out and I’ve no more hours in the day to schedule anything else.

My kids above all else need me right now anyway, everything I took out their drawer, closet, ect. was asked if it was going to Germany.  I’m thinking next move I’m just gonna get a stamp made and stamp everything!  I know they are just wanting answers to settle their world a bit….

When I get a chance I will post some pics from this past week’s events :)


Aubrey xo



HOPE said...

Sending HUGS to the GREATEST kids in the word!!!

With love from their NANA!!!

Ayesha said...

Beautiful profile pic Nana! I had a dream about you guys the other day...miss ya'll....So Natural long will you guys be down south before going overseas?

aubrey said...

Hi's all kinda up in the air...but I really am hoping to come to Atlanta while I'm down there.

Jessica said...

Okay, wow things are moving quickly! I have been so busy prepping 140 wedding invites for John's cousin and today we celebrated our 14th anniversary and Evans b-day is coming up where does the time go? I so hope to see you before you leave Elaina is really missing the girls. Beth said possibly you will be coming to Calvary this Sunday? We will be there so I hope so! Talk to you soon!

Agnes said...

Good luck with everything Aubrey :-)

aubrey said...

Jess~ I'll be staying with Sarah for a of course I will be coming by to visit with the girls, please tell Elaina the girls are excited to see her soon!

Agnes~ I'm so happy you stopped by, I've been missing your posts! Any chance of meeting up on my road trip south??? ;)