Sunday, November 6, 2011

House photos

I know you’re just dying to see my flat :P  So I’m posting the BEFORE photos…as in before I’ve had a chance to decorate, move my own furniture in, and make it my home.I’m not getting our stuff for at least another month…I swear it must be a sea snail pulling that ship and I’ll be scraping barnicles off my furniture when I do get it.





















I  should back up and say that it’s funny after you live in so many different houses there are things you find that are kind of a big deal to you…things let’s just say you’d probably take for granted if you lived in the same house for a long time.  The first thing I noticed was that the flat had WINDOW SILLS!!!! Yes! I’m picturing books, plants, ect…in the window sills. I’ts been three houses ago that I had window seals, actual window sills that I could set something larger than a penny on! (you’re looking at your window seals now aren’t ya?) 


Yesterday was gorgeous, sunny, and all the fall colors in full bloom. The girls and I took a nice walk to the toy store. What fun! :) This is also in a indoor platz that has a hair salon, grocery store, cafe, backeri, small Pottery Barn like store (whoo-hoo) and gift shop! In German stores, you bring your own bags, or buy reusable ones, you pay a deposit on bottles and bring them back for a refund, you also bag your own goods. If you use a grocery cart, you deposit coins and return the cart to get your coin back.


So I had a couple flashbacks to my school days in Switzerland as we were shopping here…first, I noticed these zip-up pencil holders…”HEY, I had one of those! Yes, and there are those ink cartridges I had too …what did I use those for…oh yes this calligraphy pen!! Wow! I wonder how many times I came home with black fingers!” :)



Oh yes! I really did write with this pen in FIRST grade! My handwriting was soooo neat…what happened? Guess what my kids are going pen their lessons with? ;)

Funny how something small like a pen can jar your memory! :)



Photography courtesy of haleigh :)



Aubrey xo


Dee Dietz said...

Hi Aubrey,
You seem to be adjusting to your new surroundings! I am sure you will have tons of fun decorating your new place. When you get a chance, I would like your address and new phone number. It was really great to see you guys again! ~ Dee

Jessica said...

Oh my your flat is so much bigger than I imagined it's great! The 1st thing the kids said was whoa wierd toilets! I just love seeing pictures and Genevieve looks like she has grown 2 years since you have been gone! I can't believe you don't have your stuff yet, I hope that sea snail does'nt get swallowed by a whale on the way over! Talk to you soon!

Perspective said...

I love the flat! The bathroom seems rather interesting...what happens if you push the wrong button and the button and the 'function' don't match?! I know it must be a little trying without all of your "stuff" but at the same time I'm sure that it gives you even more opportunites to have amazing adventures (like "Pottery Barn") and just think of all of the decorating ideas you will have by the time you actually get your stuff!! I muss you guys! I hope to see another post soon :D Give all of the kids some love for us!