Sunday, October 30, 2011

The Dairy in Lehrberg

Busy days here…trying to catch up with school and all the paperwork the army gives you to in-process at your new post…not to mention when I catch the shuttle to go to the store it ends up being an all day process.

I am thrilled to have a raw milk source in Lehrberg, Germany.  She doesn’t speak a word of English and mein deutsch ist nicht sehr gut!! :P  But I’m learning…. these are some photos I took of our trip there yesterday to pick up our milk…



See the houseplants in the window…I’ve yet to see a house without plants in the windows…Diana Barry in Anne of Green Gables couldn’t keep house without 99 doilies and it would seem the Germans feel the same way when it comes to their houseplants! :)


Das hund got lots of love from us! :)


See yonder German restaurant? Across the street from the church we attend.


Last night we attended a Kurvis aka pumpkin party. The kids enjoyed lots of games with German and American friends.  Good food, singing, and s’mores! 


We have been blessed with new friends who have welcomed us into their homes and life, sharing all the goodness from God that comes from a like faith and joy in serving Him. We are excited about serving with this missionary family and seeing the fruits of their labor and YOURS…without your missionary offerings and prayers this would not be possible.


Guten Abend,

Aubrey xo



HOPE said...

Das ist sehr gut fur sich!!

Love the photos!!! Austin must have taken the pic...good job! ALL SMILES!

Hard to believe YOU are there after having lived in a similar setting in Switzerland when you were a little yours! Memories filled my heart...

Missing MY little girl.

Ziggy is loving us and feels quite a HOME now..does that tell you anything about his behaviour!!! SMILES..


Sarah said...

Love the update Aubrey! I can't wait till I can hear your voice again!

Agnes said...

Ah you're making me miss Europe Aubrey.

Aubrey said...

Thank you for your lovely comments! I love hearing from home! :)

Tawney Rae said...

Loved seeing the photoes and that you all are doing well! Keeping you all in my prayers! Keep serving Him! <3

Anonymous said...

Love the pictures! I know you will have a blast decorating! Can't wait to see the after photos! Love ya!