Saturday, October 22, 2011



Sitting here drinking hot chamomile tea and trying to stay warm here in Ansbach Germany.  At least the sun is out! :)

We are currently without phone or internet till the 10th of November. Aggghhh…good thing the library is just a short walk away. Apparently the Germans aren’t in a hurry…I’ve heard this is typical to wait this long to get technology up and running in your home. 

I hope to post pics of my new home shortly.  We are living in a flat on the third floor, which is quite spacious with 5 bedrooms. Right now furnishings consists of recycled pieces of this and that from offices or dorms. We get our household goods in a month…so no decorating or settling till then I suppose.

Last weekend, our new friends (missionaries of the church we’ve been attending) took us downtown to tour a bit. I’m in LOVE with die backerei’s(bakery), and the architecture of all the old buildings, and I mean old, as an 1600 era churches and homes! We stepped inside this church, and I think I would go here on a Sunday morning just to hear their choir and that incedible pipe organ in the loft.





At der markt (market) downtown…lots of veggies, flowers, cheese, and you name it great food down there. 


Had to stop here to buy some kaffee (coffee) and fruhstuck (breakfast).  Had lemon cake…to die for!! They sure know how to serve cake.  Afternoon cake and coffee is traditional here, and I am all for it! :) I think we just started a new tradition. ;)




went to this neighborhood dairy…they raise all their own pork, make their own cheese, ect.  My friend got me some honey and eggs from here.



Two sweet German girls  Haleigh and Genevieve met during our four hour wait to get on the plane for Frankfurt. They live in Berlin and were so excited to meet some Americans…now they have penpals. Hopefully a trip to Berlin in future too!


They played scrabble together…with words in English and German on the board…didn’t seem to bother them a bit!208

We are currently taking German lessons. Most people here seem to speak English well enough, however die Frau that I am purchasing my milk from does not speak English. German has not been so difficult to learn as a lot of words are very similar to English.

How are YOU??? I hope you are all well and happy…I wish I could just pick up the phone and call you guys…know that I am thinking of you and will be in touch soon! :)

Frau Aubrey ;)


Low Country Mama said...

Hello from across the pond! Ive been enjoying your lovely posts...keep posting : )

Aubrey said...

hee hee... pond! Thank you! How are you all? Did you start the homeschooling group yet??? :P

weissbunt said...

Welcome to Germany Aubrey :-)! I really hope you and your family feel comfortable enough with all this unpacking, the technical problems and your household still on the road ;-). We only live about an hour away near Erlangen ;-). Best wishes - maks :-)

Aubrey said...

aw thank you! I can't wait till my car gets here and I can go exploring! :)

Jessica said...

I am so glad you guys are all together now safe and sound. It looks beautiful there! Think I can talk John into coming over for a visit? No decorating? That's sounds horrid hopefully your stuff will be there soon! Can't wait to talk to you!

Anonymous said...

I am so happy that you are all enjoying yourselves!! I can't wait to see more pictures. Sending lots of love your way!! Miss you!!

HOPE said...

Ooooh I MISS You ALL...

Love the pics...I love the quaint village life and the flower boxes and archecture!

How cute the girls are...Heart-FRIEND is spelled the same in all languages evidently!! How sweet a story!

You must might end up with lots of visitors!

HUGS and love to all of you..

Sarah said...

Aww I miss you guys! I wish I could call you! I'm praying that get on that real quick. I did send you your curtains just so you know. I sent them out the day we talked about them. Let me know when you get them!

Aubrey said...

Bless you Sarah!!! I miss you tons! xo...I will call you the day my phone is hooked up lol