Wednesday, October 5, 2011

take me home…

Next week at this time I hopefully be relaxing in my new home in Germany :) I have an 8 and a half hour non-stop flight…I doubt that I will will sleep…do you sleep when you fly?

Tomorrow I am taking my kids to the zoo…to visit! ;) And then I must detail my car inside and out because Friday I ship the car off!

Tonight I will still be editing photos from the last three photoshoots I did. I can’t seem to keep up with them all…

And today I spent the day eating lunch with one friend, and dinner with another…doing my best to squeeze in visits with all my old friends here in SC before moving on.  As much as I love the gypsy life, I am ready to sleep in my own bed, hang my clothes up in a closet, and cook a wonderful homemade meal that didn’t come from a cardboard box! :)

Most of all looking forward to seeing my best friend again…it’s been a looong month..


aubrey xo


Agnes said...

Such a great photo Aubrey.
Yes I can sleep through an 8 hour flight. The secret? Be tired. Skip sleep the night before :-) I am serious :-)))

aubrey said...

Really..o my...well, considering that I probably won't sleep the night before, it probably will do me in since the flight is overnight! ;)

weissbunt said...

Have a safe trip! I usually get 1-2 hours of sleep on a long flight. I hope the movies will be good, or maybe you prefer reading ;-). Where to in Germany will you be heading? I live in northern Bavaria. Take care - maks :-)

Aubrey said...

Thank you! I will be living in southeast bavaria! :)

HOPE said...

Sobbing...and missing you...BUT..I know you need your HOME life again and your best bud! That is such a sweet photo.

God has been sooo good to answer so many prayers for you all. I thank him daily.

I bet you do just fine on the flight.


LeAnn said...

It was so good to see you. All my best wishes for your trip. Hope you can sleep! Hugs!

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