Friday, September 30, 2011

almost there

 Spent a wonderful week with my parents…drove a few hours to my in-laws where I will be visiting until we leave for Germany…in about a week.

With my mom in Hilton Head, SC at a french cafe and plaza…


I am sorry that I cannot return to NY as I thought I would…I had hoped to say goodbye more fashionably than I did before I left. I will be shipping my car and flying out closer to home, which makes my life a ton easier right now, as I’m sure you understand. I don’t like goodbyes so maybe this is for the best.  I can only think of all the wonderful memories you all shared with me in New York, so no regrets..and of course we will see each other again! :)

Things unfortunately did not work out for Ziggy to come along…I’m super bummed about it, but Nana will be raising her furry “grandchild” for the next three years, spoiled rotten I’m sure, only I hope his cousin Gus and He will learn to get along and love each other.086

Oh and one of my favorite shots of from my maternity shoot I did on the beach. brittany2

Aubrey xo


HOPE said...

Always MISSING you... but even more in my heart...I'm so glad to have Ziggy to HUG and HUG and your place! Poor kitty might be suffocated by time 3 years pass! He and Gus are doing better and Ziggy has come out and roamed the house. He is purring like a MOTOR going High speed! I think he is quite content now.

PRAISING THE LORD for his tender mercies and loving kindness in providing all your needs on this journey and for the friends left behind who blessed abundantly in your life..I pray GOD returns the blessings to them. HE WILL.

And new friends to come..can't wait to hear of it all and the GOOD work of the LORD.

My heartaches..but my soul rejoices.


Agnes said...

My goodness, I love the last photo from the maternity shoot, Aubrey. And Ziggy, he'll be fine I am sure. Such an adorable little creature (I LOVE cats!)