Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Bumps and bends in the road….

Long time no write I know…..I intended on doing my first every vlog (video blog post) get it? :) But maybe next time….


I’m in SC presently…today I was reminiscing over the few weeks of our journey since leaving home.  It suddenly dawned on me….once again…that for all the trouble, bumps, and uncertain bends in my road lately, I have had the most unexpected blessings, joys, and treasured moments that I will treasure forever.

For starters….who woulda thunk last week my brother and I would be sitting on the beach together having a picnic and sharing life stories. 


Or  that my super awesome sister –n-law and I would be buying matching outfits and boggles together. :) Or that I would share the funniest of all bathtub episodes with my toddler twin nephews. 041 Or that I would make new friends who inspire me….and meet up expectantly with old ones…that my kids could make me so proud in moments of discomfort….I am blessed!

And then I look further back to previous bumps and bends before we “settled” in NY and I can again count my blessing and joys…like the time God fed us for three days on a greyhound across the country when someone had stolen my wallet.  Or meeting the most interesting RVer’s, to include the lady who walked her seven cats, when we lived in a teenie cabin on a campground in Washington. Or the many people put in my path who have encouraged me, inspired me, and challenged me….you know who you are…You are loved and will be greatly missed…. There’s so many I could write about….

Never begrudge or complain about the journey you are on in life….I believe everything has a purpose….you never know where those bumps or bends will lead you…I think you’ll be surprised at the opportunities these inconviences can bring you …if you LOOK for them…and when they come you’re way, EMBRACE them and CHERISH them…time waits for no one…it passes quickly …..and all we’re left with is memories!  

 Uncle nathan giving Genevieve a ride 120

My nephews



Aunt Molly


Aubrey xo


Agnes said...

Sounds like you're having a wonderful time Aubrey :-)

bradycharles said...

Aww - now come see me!!! And Brady and ok Brett too ;) love you sissiepoo

Sarah said...

I miss you!

LeAnn said...

You are so right.............Life is GOOD!
...even when things don't turn out like we thought they would.
Let me know if you still wanna meet up or come over, not sure what happened to our phone call that we got dropped like we did. Anyway, hope to see you, if you run out of time and it just won't work I understand that too. XOXO

Perspective said...

Okay...now I'm crying! COME BACK! What a lovely post, Aubrey! All, so true! What an opportunity for us to be able to spend such wonderful time with you and the kids! A week we will cherish forever!

Jessica said...

I thought for sure we would see you before you left. I am so sorry we did'nt. So glad you are having this time with your family. Can't wait to talk to you!

HOPE said...

...how wonderfully spoken with words that speak to so many hearts!!

Thank you FRIENDS of Aubrey's who have blessed her as she said..as a MOM it means the world to us who miss our children and PRAY those people enter into their lives!

Aubrey , Mike and kids I will miss you more than my heart can express..the void is everpresent with all my children and g'children not here..but the BLESSINGS God gives on these journey's I cannot deny nor keep GOD from giving..PRAISE HIS NAME!

My heartfelt prayers go with you all as you go onto further Destinations with the LORD and HIS PURPOSES...

What comfort to know HIM and the power of his presense and his work in our lives. How he answered prayer even while you were here concerning this trip to Germany.