Monday, September 12, 2011

Packing again…


Back on the road we go….headed for North Carolina to see my brother and his wife and my 2 nephews :) We’re hoping to avoid the horrid flooding southern NY and Pennsylvania have had, praying for you guys!


Soldier has left again…hoping to hear good things about Germany very soon….including a home :)


Meanwhile, I’ve been a busy bee…Here are the photos I meant to post loong time ago of Genevieve’s dress and shirt I made, actually just the applique on the shirt…she loves it!



Over the weekend we finally made it to Niagara Falls…it was on our bucket list of things to do while in NY.  We enjoyed the park very much!129


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photo courtesy of Hall kids photography :)

Then we went camping with our friends on the Moose River…as luck and Lucy would have it…it poured that night! :P We still had fun, a fire, campfire stories, and lots of smores! :)


Campfire stories by lantern….and John :)

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And……….we finished our benefit hike for Sam Riley! The kids the were awesome hiking buddies! We can’t wait to do another benefit hike-a-thon :)


some trail pics….


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The summit we did was near a hip cool town called Old Forge…Loved this place…I could almost see myself settling down here…aw pshhhhh…who am I kidding?! :)  But….I did super like it…here’s some pics from our tour. Folks come from all over to paddle the Moose River…in fact they have paddle fests…I love this little shop! I should mention that I love paddling myself… :)



I dig this store….:) Life is Good! I finally got a sticker for my car!

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a little sidewalk art

120 122

a little putt-putt with Wizard of Oz.


a hole in one!!


Well, that’s all for now….tomorrow I pack and map out the next route, adventure, ect :)


Aubrey xo


Carrie said...

Looks like you've been super busy! Call me when you're in town!

HOPE said...

mmm...looks like Soldier wants to sing...

..if...I..were...KING..of the Forest!!!!

Bet Avery won the sidewalk art contest..maybe he'll get discovered there!! I hope he put..I was here!!!

Nice pics...lovely trip...glad you were able to go.


bradycharles said...

Miss you - wish we were seeing you again..?.I can only hope ;) although we would never want you away from your soldier for too long! Love you - keep posting pics.....Brady send his loves, hugs, & still has your note sitting on his dresser ;)

Tawney Rae said...

Hello Mrs.Hall!
Just thought I'd drop you a note to say I was thinking of you all today and am praying for you! Keep serving Him!

Love you!
Tawney Rae