Saturday, November 26, 2011

Library spaces….

I’m sooo excited!!! Finally our worldly goods will be here on Tuesday. I’ve been reading so many beautiful blogs lately and am inspired to do so many things around here to make it feel homey. :)

So if you haven’t already guessed this is a post on decorating. One of my favorite subjects.  I’ve always loved, loved, loved the idea of having a library room.  I pictured lots of shelves, window seats, oriental rugs, leather chairs….ect ect.  Well I have found LOTS of pictures to inspire you if you are also wanting to create a library space.  I like that these are functional spaces, completely integrated with other spaces in your house you use every day.

Leave a comment to let me know which is your favorite…and if you have a library space would you so kindly leave me a linky?! ;)


image here.



See what I mean? Oriental rug…leather chair…oops…I forgot to add fireplace…that always make it super cozy. It’s the kinda library I imagine Paul Newman in…ya know leaning against the mantle…kinda like Cary Grant is in this pic:)


But I was talking about Paul Newman…who didn’t talk about Paul Newman then…I thought when I was waaayyy younger that people were talking about some salad dressing at the grocery store…hahaha…till I saw his picture! Wheweeeeee!!!!


And yes he does or did READ…cuz here he is shopping for books…I LOVE his hat!

paul newman

image here

I think the books look like art in this photo….

image here

I LOVE this lofty little library nook!



I absolutely LOVE this next space…the architecture, the shelves, blue vases, pedestal table…..



I’m a bit worried I would never get out of bed with a library within arm’s reach!



I adore the chairs and the way the books are displayed…



image here


Some inspirational photos from House Beautiful.

I hope you’re having a wonderful weekend~

Aubrey xo


mommy2maddie said...

I LOVE the first image. Looks so cozy. Nice little nook to read, and a space to enjoy with family.

Grace said...

i loooooove gave me more ideas for my library/living room : ) at first, i was at a loss when hubby said he wanted to put his library into the main room of the house...but, with a little creativity its a possibility. can't wait to see what you do...when i'm done with mine, ill post, too

love you muchly

Aubrey said...

YEA!!! I cant wait to see it Graceann! I will post as soon as I get these curtains sewed I'm working on! ;)

HOPE said...

Yooo hooo...Grace Anne and Aub...M TOOOOO! Show me!

I liked them all...but the RED spikey thing can go...

Paul Newman...always reminded me of my dad.

Can't wait to SEE the post on the new living room/library!