Sunday, November 27, 2011

Library Part 2

Part one was yesterday! :) After looking through all these library rooms, now I’m left with the dilemma of whether I should go with black, white, or stained bookshelves! ugh….

Nevermind that, lets talk about how  healthy it is to EAT while you read….I mean…it IS possible to have a library room IN the dining room, I’m not sure about the eating part….btw why is that you crave chocolate or cake with coffee aka starbucks…when you’re reading a good book, and not carrots and celery???  I don’t know the answer either..But I do know that the proof is in these photos that you can have cake in the library! …I thought it would be so cozy to have tea and cookies in the library….then I thought…”well I do that already…:)”


I’m so collecting globes now! …and antique suitcases…I found one at a yard sale a year ago for a buck!!!


 This one is a bit too dark for me I think….I don’t get a cozy feeling here. I mean could you see yourself relaxing in THAT chair with a book?




I don’t care if I CAN reach the top shelf of my library, I’m still getting a ladder! I LOVE antique ladders….ya know I saw a post once where they used a ladder hung from the ceiling for a pot rack!!!


I love these chairs…I have a very similar table.  I also love this chandelier!  Ya know what else fits in library decor…trophies, antlers, and horse pictures. I recently stumbled on this blog…and I love her house.  After you see her house, you’ll understand my newest obsession with plaid!  I’m not too crazy about all that color she has going on, but the theme is very library-ish to me ;)

I’ve been hunting online and shopping in town for curtains…nothing, notta, zilch. So by happenstance I ended up in a store very much like my beloved Pottery Barn.  I bought 1000cm of fabric!!!! In Germany it’s cm….not yards or inches I guess…anyway…for 30 euro I came home with enough fabric for 4 panels…my windows are super wide! I thought I did pretty well, considering every curtain I found was at least 30 Euro for just ONE panel.  Now I do have to sew these things into curtains.  This isn’t a great pic but this is the fabric I chose.


I’d love to hear your thoughts :)  My couches are leather…I thought the plaid wouldn’t lighten things up….I REFUSE to paint ANY walls this time around, so the chocolate velro fabric will kinda give the illusion of color to the wall, don’t ya think? I plan on using the dark fabric for the outside panels and the plaid in the middle.

You’ll want to stay tuned for the next post….I will be doing a giveaway! :)


Aubrey xo


images found here. :)


LeAnn said...

Lovely pictures! I dream of a library like one of these. Funny, that just two weeks ago I completely rearranged our kitchen/dining room area and made a little library corner with our two largest bookshelves and a love seat in front of them across the corner. It isn't nearly as nice as my "dream library" but it does make this room so much more homey and inviting than it was before. We moved both tables under the large windows and got a little island on Craig's list for the kitchen. I love that little island, especially since the top the top of it is a chopping block. It makes all our dinner prep easier. So yes, we eat in our library too. Maybe, just maybe we can eventually become so healthy we will crave celery and carrots while reading. In the meantime, a good cup of tea or hot cider will work nicely. Love you girl. This is so well written, it was so much fun to read. The pics are perfect additions, too.

HOPE said...

The dark one with the ugly stiff chair..yes OUT!

Love the others and the sled on the shelf..cute...especially with cozy PLAID.

I chuckle at PLAID being IN now...want a PLAID COUCH from when you were a teen!!! hee hee

Plaid was G'pa Frank's favorite COLOR as he said. Love it.

Cute fabric..very appropriate for a library look with leather.

Your on your way to a wonderful, Coffee cozy.....TEA ROOM too.


Agnes said...

I would love to have my library in my dining room. It makes perfect sense to me!