Sunday, December 4, 2011


Im a tad behind in blogging…I’ve been unpacking the last few days…actually I’ve been unpacking, studying for exams, writing class assignments, home schooling 4 kiddos, studying for driver’s license, and on top of it I’ve caught a chest cold. 

But I’m on top of the packing and I only have 4 boxes left…books! I have too many books.  Wait….that’s like saying I have too many shoes…can one really have too many pairs of shoes? 

My husband managed to pull me away from unpacking to visit the Christmas market! What a fanfare! It was beautiful! I will post pics very soon….I wanted to post instead a photo of this dear little giveaway.   This delicate, wood-carved ornaments are really popular here. I got some myself for a keepsake. I thought of you all and I wanted to give one of my lucky readers one as well. 


They make really big ones of this version and hang them in the windows. 

Rules???   Just leave me a small note on this post! Thank you for your lovely comments…they cheer me up and warm my heart to know you are thinking of me. Dear me, I don’t know why anyone would read my jibberish…but I’m glad you keep me company and listen to my thoughts here and there.

Till next time~

PS. Random generator will pick lucky reader on Thursday pm. :)


mommy2maddie said...

Beautiful! Looks like a lot of work went into it as well. Don't feel bad on being behind on blogging...I'm new new new!! to the blog world. I only got two post down and haven't done any since the summer *gasp* I just don't know what to write about!!

Sarah said...

You have all the excuses in the world to be "behind"!!! I have pictures and posts waiting but they still haven't happened yet :) I miss you!

Kelly Johnson said...

We have been back in the States since last Septemeber and we are still NOT completely unpacked! After being a Navy wife for 14 years, you would think I was ahead of the game. Our books however, are all unpacked. All 8 large bookcases of them! So exciting to follow your "settling in" time to your new home! Blessings to you.

Anonymous said...

Those ornaments are gorgeous! Some real talent and skill went into that! I'm so glad to hear you are getting things settled in- I know it must be nice to finally sit on your own furniture :). I hope you feel better soon! Miss ya girl! hugs!

LeAnn said...

Lovely! It is so cozy and winterish all wrapped into one.
I love reading what you write, and I for one would be so, so sad if you quit blogging. Can't wait to see all the holidays pics. Your pics make Germany look so idyllic,makes me wanna travel. Someday......someday....maybe I will get to travel to all the places I dream of seeing and visiting. Until then, keep sharing and I will travel vicariously.