Friday, December 9, 2011

A Winner!


We have a WINNER!!!

“Sarah Benedict”

Your German keepsake is on it’s way!

Hope you enjoy and think of your friends

in Germany this Christmas as we

will be thinking of you!



Yesterday I got lost….(I first name should be LUCY) It all looked very familar and then we rounded a corner and we were in a whole new country….and I do mean country…as in people on horseback riding through town, and then there was a huge barn and nothing but fields.  While I was fascinated and transfixed with the beauty of the horses and the countryside, my husband is paniking…he is afraid we will be driving in the dark soon and we’re still learning who has the right away or if the road we’re on is a priority road…and if it is, does the car or horse have the right away, and in which direction.  He’s afraid tomorrow he will check the mail and there will be a dozen tickets in our box.  I assure him there is no way there are cameras way out here.  All for a tree farm….all because this year I wanted a real tree.   We found our way eventually back into town, even found a tree farm on the way…not of course the one we were looking for, but one none the less, run by a father and his son.   I wanted the petite, charlie brown tree for 23 Euros….he of course wanted a Griswald tree….one Goliath himself planted.  We forgot the car ties…..wait…actually I suggested we bring the car ties to tie it to the top of the car….he assured me that they would have string….I wanted to tell him we never bought a tree in Germany before, but I said nothing….. and we drove home with pine needles in our back and sap in our hair!  :)


Aubrey xo


Sarah said...

Yeah for winning! I never win anything :) And that sounds like my kind of place...I'm sure Hayleigh is in her glory :) How are things with Milo? Has he adjusted well?

Carrie said...

Everything is an adventure with you! And I love how you tell a story. I'm glad you're getting settled in over there, and can't wait for pictures of your place all decorated!

LeAnn said...

Great story telling.............I wanna come get "slightly" lost wandering about the countryside in Germany with you. Have fun decorating! XOXOXO

Jessica said...

Oh it sounds beautiful! We had snow all day today which was beautiful as well! Too funny about your tree. The ornament Sarah won is beautiful. I hope you all are well and can't wait to see pictures of your place all done up! I bet it seems wonderful to have your own stuff! Thinking of you often!