Saturday, December 24, 2011

Table decor and Kitchen

Taking a moment amidst cooking Christmas dinner to wish you all a wonderful Christmas! I pray you are surrounding by loved ones, peace, joy, and happiness…and of course lots of good food to eat.   Christmas is extra special this year because my soldier is home and we are together! Last night we sat drinking hot chocolate with lots of marshmellows  and reading the Christmas story! The beautiful story of how Jesus came to earth, born as a babe as we are, knew sorrows and joy as we know it, and then to perform the work He ultimately came to do….to die on the cross of Calvary for the sins of the whole world….granting us forgiveness and mervy for that which we did not deserve.  He gave the biggest gift of all….Himself…that we might have eternal life! 

CHristmas is also a time I celebrate and thank the Lord for the closeness of family, friends, and all the good I have been blessed with. 

We are having friends over to share our evening with so I wanted to share my table scape!!! :)  It’s a french-country Christmas table this year …oh and mixed with a bit of fine dining…dessert spoons and salad forks ect……haha :)


The saucers are “bread plates”…I make homemade rolls on christmas! :)



Touches of Christmas here and there :)





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Our homemade ornaments this year! We put our new photo printer to use and printed off some family pics old and new.  We glued them to cardstock and hung them with twine! We couldn’t forget Ziggy of course! 




As you can tell we’re huge fans of homemade stuff so we made our own christmas sign….the pic doesn’t do it justice…Haleigh did a beautiful job….We used CTMH alphabet stamp set, card stock and distressed it with Bamboo, cranberry and chocolate stamp pad, hung with ornament hangers and hung on the twine! :)


Here’s some pics of my kitchen…..I was baking up a storm for the party so it’s not neat! I tend to use EVERY counter space I have when I’m in the kitchen….



Merry Christmas to you and yours!

Aubrey xo


weissbunt said...

Aubrey, thanks for your super sweet comments :-). And a wonderful and peaceful Christmas to you and your loved ones, too. Unfortunately my kids are not very enthusiastic when it comes to writing ;-). I have friends with kids the same age in various countries around the world, but so far have been unsuccessful in convincing my older kids tha t having a pen pal is loads of fun :-(. So sorry, not at the moment. But back to Chistmas ;-). You know that in Germany the main celebration is on Christmas eve. We are already getting ready for church and after that we'll be opening the presents and enjoy some yummy food ;-). You have fun with your friends tonight - your table scape is beautiful. Happy holidays - maks :-)

LeAnn said...

Merry Christmas too you. Love your christmassy touches here and there through out your home. I am so glad you are all together this year!!

But......gasp..........I saw Dr Pepper on your counter. How could you? I mean, I am in serious shock, you know how bad that stuff is for you.
Then again, we have peanut brittle on the counter, guess that isn't any better, is it? oh yeah, and the boys just shared candy apples that their very bestest friends so sweetly gave to them. :-) Grins! and Merry Christmas. Like Duane says, we eat healthy most of the time, so we can cheat occasionally.

Alicia@ eco friendly homemaking said...

Oh your table looks beautiful! Sounds like you all had a great Christmas and I hope that you have a wonderfully blessed New Year!!