Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Touring Rothenburg

We’ve recently taken a couple day trips..this past Monday we went to Frankfurt.

We were taking a friend to the airport and decided to do some sightseeing downtown before driving the few hours back home.   Now I am most definitely not an organized person, but when it comes to traveling I usually know exactly where I’m going, how long it should take, where to park, how much is it to park, nearest hotel, food, ect.  Mostly I think because I want to get the most out of the experience…the fun stuff and not worry about parking, gas, food, or where we’re gonna stay. Granted there have been times that I have not fared so well.

  Lemme tell you I thought I may have missed my calling as a travel agent when we took this dude to the airport.  First, he had no clue which airport, he had no itinerary with him, he didn’t know how to use the ticket booth, or how to exit the parking garage…and he asked upon getting out of the car at the airport parking garage if “I should take my luggage with me???” Does a bear crap in the woods?    Long story short….two hours later than we we’re wanting to spend at the frankfurt airport, we got him to his gate.  He was …well we hope he was on his way to Ukraine, as intended. :)

We were so hoping to visit a Jewish Museum, but it was monday and they were closed. So we headed downtown to the Cathedral of St Bartholomew where holy roman emperors of old were crowned during the most celebrated coronation ceremonies.


Sadly, most of Frankfurt was leveled to the ground during the war, however we could spot pieces of the old Frankfurt here and there about the city.





I may be speaking too soon, but I do believe my most favorite place in Germany is this little medieval walled city named, Rothenburg.  I didn’t want to leave…I wanted to follow the wall around the whole city and see everything!!! If you visit Germay, you HAVE to go see the beautiful place.  It is so rich in history and beauty!

The photo below is one I took of part of this wall that surrounds the whole city. As you can see….it was snowing pretty good when we got there…I love how it looks in this photo though! :)



Entrance into Rothenburg!









We found the most famous christmas store in the world…or so we were told! :) Kathe Wohlfahrt!!!


Sipping hot “kinderpunch” was super yummy!



Inside Kathe Wahlfahrt’s Christmas store!!






We ate at the most amazing German Restaraunt….it was soooooo good! And unfortunately I didn’t get a photo of the place :(


We are planning a trip in the spring when they will have a medieval festival and see all the museums. I think you should plan to come to! :)

Till next time~ Aubrey xo


HOPE said...

I'll take you up on that invite!!

The way you did the photos made me FEEEL THE COOOOLD!!

Great pics...I love the little wooden figurines..the German boys!

and the clocks..WOW. I think I saw the one I want!!!

Guten Tag

Sarah Benedict said...

I wanna come!!!

Agnes said...

Wow, so so so pretty Aubrey. Frohe Weinachten :-)

Jessica said...

I am commin too with or without the kiddos and hubby! Just kidding I wish! It looks so beautiful and I looove the pictures with the falling snow! Hoping you all have a very Merry Christmas!

Parchey Family said...

Germany looks lovely during holiday time. Hope you and your family have a Merry Christmas and enjoy your time in Germany.

Grace said...

Holy Cuckoo Clocks, Batman! That was my first thought when I saw the beautiful photo of all the cuckoo clocks. Wow! Love all of your photos. You are a natural photographer, for sure : )

Also, when you mentioned Frankfurt...all I could think of was Elvis Presley in GI Blues...I think it was filmed when he was stationed over there (with Juliet Prowse)....riding a monorail over the city somewhere....

why am I having these goofy thoughts? too much coffee today