Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Living room reveal

Got my curtains in from Target..in a week…O I love Target! :)  The ones I’m making from the fabric I showed you previously is going in my room.

These are really nice curtains, but I was so concerned with the length being long enough that I failed to measure width and thus they are not wide enough.  But honestly I never close my curtains or cover these windows anyway. We are on the third floor, no loss of privacy and I never tire of seeing those gorgeous evergreen trees outside my window. :) So they are for looks and comfy-ness! Ignore the hideous ceiling fan! ugh…


So in regards to my last two posts on libraries….I have little libraries stashed all over my flat.  Can you find the one hanging on the wall? :) and I have a basket and a crate of books…oh yes and the windowsill has books. I LOVE to decorate with books! Oh yes and I forgot on top of my entertainment center is more books! :D


I bet Robert E Lee never thought he would be hanging in the house of an Army soldier in Germany next to an Afganistan rug bought while serving in the war. :P  I actually thought this while hanging this photo my brother drew.  :)



I need a rug in this space! Not sure what, but I’m looking… “the lakehouse” sign in the pic was a piece of driftwood from our favorite spot on Lake Ontario :) Some people buy souveniers…we bring home wood and rocks! :)



This antique chair was discarded by my neighbor when she moved! Lucky me to the rescue! :)  The photos on the wall are places we’ve traveled. The floor lamp was also a road side find.  Would you cover this chair or leave it?


Our family photo wall! The wreath really is winter-ish..I’ll get to it soon…Those are the tiniest clothespin holding the pics to the wreath.  I got a new photo printer and was able to update my pics! :)


So watcha think? ;)  It’s starting to feel like “home” room by room as we finish putting it all together.  I have put my suitcases in the basement where they are padlocked for now. ;)

Aubrey xo


weissbunt said...

Nice, like what you did with the room :-)

Jessica said...

Looks wonderful and it's huge. The treesoutside are beautiful. As for the chair I say coverit with a vintage grain sack,ooooh so dreamy. I just got another big old batch of books at the library book sale. I am so glad you got your stuff!

LeAnn said...

Lovely! I think decorating with books and rocks might be the only decorating skills I display, well maybe a few photos here and there too. When I grow up I will decorate like you! :-)

christie perkins said...

what a great job! it all looks beautiful! LOOOVE your couches! they almost look black and i LOVE black furniture...i would change the chair into something else, perhaps reupholster it and spray paint the wood with a cute color? =)

btw, just curious about weather, whats it like there weatherwise?

HOPE said...

Looks absoutely MARVELOUS..as always!!! so cozy and with the touches of FAMILY pics make it perfect.

Wow..my photography on your wall..what a compliment! And of course it is in your travels..and mine.

RUG? are you kidding..I thought you had rc'd 20 some rugs from..the soldier!!

Love the view also..so HAPPY that you feel at HOME now.

HUGGLES TO everybody boody..
FAMILY secret to readers..

Agnes said...

Love your flat Aubrey + love the view!!

mommy2maddie said...

Beautiful livingroom. I like the chair the way it is. I find it flows well with your leather sofa set. I'm kind of partial to things left in their origional state. Seems they have their own story to tell :)

Miranda said...

Your place is looking great! I say recover it with some fun or peaceful depending on your mood. The view is really nice out that big window ♥ I'm your newest follower and I do appreciate that you stopped by my blog and left a comment on my gallery wall project.