Saturday, January 14, 2012

To new friends…..

So we have totally immersed ourselves into the German culture now…..we dined at a German home last night!  We met these wonderful people through mutual friends. They invited us over for dinner….mind you they cannot speak English and we are still struggling through German. I seem to understand a lot more than I can speak it for now.  The whole way there my husband was practicing one line “Danke fur die einladung!”  (Thank you for the invitation) hee hee


It is German tradition to bring a gift when invited to dinner, so I brought microwave popcorn….I know I know… cheesy….:) but this was something I heard that they loved and they can’t get it here, so I took a giant box of Orvilles movie theater buttered popcorn. I did bring a nicer gift, but I knew they would love some american popcorn…though I cringe our horrid western diet!

We had a lovely evening (we had our friend there as an interpreter) We at Schnitzel and a tons of other amazing food (german coffee is sooo good). Our host is a welder and enjoyed showing off his home and shop which housed all of his amazing talent.  I was so excited when he jumped at the chance to give classes for the boys to learn welding! They go this saturday afternoon! What an adventure that will be and a chance to practice their German.


Following dinner, we retired to the living room where he serenaded us with the harmonica and then some German hymns accompanied with his two of his daughters playing the guitar and flute. 


I smiled thinking that our Faith knows every language….they felt like kindred spirits…like family.  A memorable evening we wont ever forget!

Till next time~ Aubrey xo


weissbunt said...

So nice you are making new friends. Just make sure you practice German whenever you can and don't be shy, you'll pic it up in no time (I was a volunteer counselor for exchange students from all over the world for the American Field Sevice ;-)). If you like, I'm happy to write to you in German, too, once you feel confident enough ;-). Have a wonderful Sunday - maks :-)

HOPE said...

Oh how I love this...What wonderful BLESSSINGS amidst your adventurous life!!!

God is so amazing in his works in our path of life.

I'm so happy for you all to feel "at home" away from home. God knows we need those comfoting moments and people in our lives.

Please give our regards to this family being so kind to mine.


Lisa's Blessed A Latte said...

Nice....this post made me smile :)