Saturday, March 31, 2012

Another bend in the road….


Deployment #2 snuck up on us!  I hardly find time to do anything extra which would include keeping up with my blogs.  Don’t worry I will have many husbandless hours to pour over blogs too soon.

My days are spent making lists, checking off lists, keeping emotions and worries in check, trying to keep life as normal as possible…  What is normal?

Celebrated my daughter’s 12th birthday and my soldier’s birthday this last month.



I get asked all the time how I deal with deployment…actually was asked that tonight at a bbq .  I don’t know what to say….you just do it…you deal with it…I don’t spend my days counting down the calendar, crying myself to sleep, worrying myself sick.  It’s another adventure, a new chapter, a growing period….I was actually rediculed for planning trips while my hubby is gone!!  This person told me she would never “vacation” while her hubby is gone…she stays home and …..I might add stays depressed! 

My soldier needs to focus on his job, his mission….not worry about his wife and kids falling apart at home because he’s not there.  It gives him sanity, peace of mind, and confidence while he’s away from home….knowing his wife and kids are still living life to the fullest, taking care of home, and supporting him. My kids are going to handle deployment about as well as their mom is….they are less likely to be scared or worried…if mom is not falling apart and quitting life.  We pray for dad and write lots of letters and send packages….but we still live and love life.  We stay busy….we are welcoming summer with fun adventures around Europe, meeting new people, learning new languages, and exploring a whole new world.  Yes we will have sad moments…lonely nights…we will miss him very much….but we will not let this be our focus nor let it bring us down.  We just live life a little differently than others….we cherish every day, every hour we have with him while we do…we get a little more excited about little things, we count how many birthdays, sundays, and holidays dad WILL be here with us, we sleep and shower with our cell phones…and sometimes we do weird things like shower with His shower gel or wait six months into deployment to wash his dirty clothes he left…I told you it was weird. :)

I didn’t intend to blog about this…don’t know where I was going with this…but there I’ve said it :)

What’s going on in your corner of the world? 



Aubrey xo


Annie said...

I believe that is the best way to handle deployment. My husband is in the Air Force and travels a lot with his job plus deploys more then in his prior career field. We have found being busy yet keeping in touch as best as possible is the best way to make time move. Good job!!

A said...

Being busy, being focused, you're doing well Aubrey. Happy birthday to all :-)

HOPE said...

Through tears...I am so thankful for a daughter who can express herself wisely and also look at life realistically. (did i spell that right?) LOL

You and the kids amazed us last deployment. Of course others aren't going to see or know the times of tears..who wouldn't miss a husband or dad like you all have!! We are very proud and thankful for our soldier too!

Can't wait to hear of the adventures..and you know our soldier will love sitting down with you all RELAX and hear about all the GOOD of his family while he was away. It will help him refocus on his family once again too.

HUGS to you all...YOU"RE THE BEST!!

christie perkins said...

you are one busy lady! sounds like you will be spending your time wisely till he returns! What a Blessing to be able to travel while hes gone, what awesome experiences and adventures for the you and the Kids! I think the "friend" who said you shouldnt be traveling might be a tad jealous much? you think? LOL! ;-)Blessings!! =P

Paula Kathlyn said...

I totally took Seth's deployment as a chance to travel! That's crazy to stay home and depressed...I know Seth would NOT be happy with me if I did that! Plus, you need support in any way you can get it and if that means planning vacations, then so be it. You are awesome and I hope this deployment goes by quickly for you!

Rhonda said...

I am so proud of you! What an example you are not only to your kids, but the rest of us as well. I love you and am praying for you while Michael is gone, also for his safe return.