Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Ireland Day 4

The last post of our lovely trip to beautiful Ireland, scroll down to read the last three posts of our journey! :)

Day with no agenda…we grabbed a map and headed for the countryside.  Our first stop was a cutsy little town called Skerries…little town right on the beach! A beach with sand!



skerries beacjeswe

In Skerries, it appeared that no one had an agenda…no certain place to go…and it was an ordinary Thursday where everyone was walking a baby or a dog.  We were greeted with “top o’ the morning to ya”, and “Cheers!” Which we soon learned is a typical Irish greeting/goodbye.  And all the gentlemen wore those adorable plaid, tweed hats. In Skerries, folks like to ride bikes like these with big lovely baskets of fresh produce and fish from the markets….sometimes flowers as there was an abundance of flower shops!





You can’t visit Skerries without going  to visit their beautiful ole’ windmills. This windmill was built in 1500. It operated until the early 1900’s.  12 Euro will fetch you a guide and a tour inside this windmill and another one built in the 1900’s.

skerries windmill

I know this looks just like a postcard….but I was here! Smile

skerries windmill2

We headed for the country…stopping to snap a quick photo of this enormous field of Daffodils.


We headed up to Drogheda.


I felt really bad for taking their photo after having the best lamb stew ever!


We ate said lamb stew here…


new grange

Heading to Newgrange…


Malahide castle…right down the road from our B&B!


Happy St Patrick’s Day!!


I hope you enjoyed your “tour” through Ireland Smile


Loree said...

I think I'm in love. Ireland is so beautiful.

mommy2maddiealex said...

Beautiful pictures!! My family is originally from Ireland, a dream of mine to travel there someday. It's funny though, how so much of the area looks similar to Nova Scotia where I am from. Were you close by to a fishing village? PS: All the scarves you wore in your pics are just lovely! :)

Aubrey said...

Yes!! Howth and Scarries were both lovely fishing villages!

HOPE said...

Thatched roofs...sooo Quaint and the flower it!! That would be my cottage.

Was the stew spicy? what flavor stood out to you?

Jessica said...

For real?? Oh how I want to go to Ireland but John says I have to live vicariously through you! Not fair, looks like you had an amazing time.

Christie Perkins said...

WOW!! thank you for taking the time to allow us to "travel" with you! I read about all of your days and adventures in Ireland! BEAUTIFUL!