Monday, April 30, 2012

It's beginning to look a lot like spring...

Tuneee aka Tuna has a new boyfriend...well actually, Mr. Sniffles is pursuing Tuna and Tuna plays hard to get...even though Mr. Sniffles put on his best bow tie here to go with his tux! ;)

Hard to believe it's been two weeks already since Soldier left.

These days are filled with baseball practices and games, studying for finals, writing research papers, answering emails for holistic care, homeschooling, piano lessons mon-thurs now, book club, knit club....Oh it seems sometimes I don't have enough time to breathe.  Where oh where went my simple life! Gotta find that again!

Yesterday I took a short break from studying was an absolutely gorgeous day in friend came to pick me up in her topless VW and we cruised around town, enjoying the sun on our faces and wind in our hair, a sushi lunch, and walking downtown.

 Aren't friends a wonderful thing???? 
They make the smallest things
seem so much more fun and beautiful
when shared together!

Take care xo


A said...

A day with a friend is always a good day :-)
Loving that last photo Aubrey.

Rhonda Boyle said...

My dearest daughter Aubrey,
Today you, your family and all your sister Army wives and their families are in my thoughts. I cannot express my gratitude for the sacrifices you make for us here at home.
I once heard a preacher say that because we are to "obey those that are in authority over us", that we should not rise up against evil governments. I was floored when I began to think of the ramifications of such a statement. If our forefathers had not defied the British Empire, there would be no America. If what they did was not Biblical then our country and all that have fought and died to protect it are called into question. I believe the Bible and that we are to obey a lawful government, but when evil governments arise, America has always been there to stand up against them. That preacher not only discounted our nation, but all who fought for it throughout our history. Shame on him.
You and your soldier are in my heart today.
I love you, Rhonda