Sunday, September 16, 2012

Welcome Home Soldier....

Deployment no. 2 has finally come to an end.  The homecoming happened on Labor Day...I never loved Labor Day so much!! =)

This ceremony was completely different.  We waited and waited on wooden bleachers inside a huge hanger lined with "Welcome Home" signs from just about every family.  Finally, the ceremony started and some tear-jerker song started playing that I can't remember now...slowly, and very slowly the green hanger doors were pulled open to reveal the company of soldiers standing at attention outside... just below the enormous United States flag.  The crowd went crazy, screaming, shouting, waving American flags, crying, and clapping....yes all at the same time...a sight to behold...and hear!

They come marching into the hanger...and now we are all scanning the sea of camouflage for that dear, familiar face....and then five minutes later the dismissal is sounded and the soldiers are running to meet their families...I find mine and in a split second I'm in his arms... there are four pairs of other arms wrapping around his body, head, grabbing his hands and showering him with kisses.  Everyone is talking, but nobody knows what anyone is saying...and it doesn't really matter...we're so happy to be together.... what a relief to be whole again.

Getting ready to pick up daddy!

 It's now been two weeks....he's been super busy intergrating back into "normal"....In a couple weeks we are heading to the mountains aka Bavarian Alps to go a cabin of sorts for a family vacation. :)

Lots of new normals going on and readjustments....but we've been down this road before and we are stronger for it.  We are enjoying each day together that we are blessed with....."everyday counts"...

Aubrey XO

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