Wednesday, July 11, 2012


What's been happening around here the last two months? I think there's going to be several parts to this blog so maybe I can blog a part of it each day....first I want talk about how lovely Amsterdam is :)

I went to Amsterdam, Netherlands over Memorial Day weekend. It was so beautiful! I listened to the Diary of Anne Frank during the six hour drive there, so I was all ready to see the Anne Frank house! 
This is the door to the Anne Frank House.
The house is still the same other than no furniture, but the wallpaper, the hidden bookcase, the pictures Anne pasted to her tiny room...all still there. Really surreal to be standing in the room she hid in for so long. 

 We stayed in a French B&B which was delightful. We toured the Van Gogh museum and I purchased a favorite print. We walked and walked everywhere, road the canal in a boat,

 ate at a lot of cafes outside, and rode a lot of buses and trains. Amsterdam was so romantic...:)  Lots of beautiful couples riding pretty pastel colored vespas and bicycles everywhere. Oh did I mention how much Amsterdam LOVES their bicycles??? They have 2 million bicycles...they say they have more bikes than people and I believe it! If you have an extra 4 million euros laying around, you can buy you one of those lovely homes on the canal! :)
You can rent a boat or ride a boat for an hour and tour all the canals.   We took a tour boat through the canals and the harbour.

There was all sorts of boats in the canals!

People everywhere sitting at the edge of the canals relaxing, eating, chatting...I loved it!
talented street musicians everywhere :)

I bought some art from this guy...he was from London. I much prefer buying my "souvenirs" from off the street then the silly touristy shops don't you?
we rode a lot of buses and trains...
ate a LOT of cafe food...

Visited the Van Gogh Museum...huge museum!

Well that's your tour of Amsterdam...maybe you felt like you were there too? ;)

Aubrey xo


Loree said...

It looks lovely. Thanks for the tour - I haven't been there yet.

Kristin said...

Wow~ So beautiful! Definitely a city on our "to visit one day" list! Looks like you had a wonderful time...

HOPE said...

The story about Anne Frank is a MUST for everyone to read..or read I did. SO AMAZING.

I can't get over you being right there at her door step of the hiding sobering.

The website of the musuem is awesome with the 3 D tour of the home.

So glad to read it again..keeping my own heart HUMBLE as we think upon those devastating times. Truly we need our Saviour the LORD Jesus Christ. For in HIM, we have a life of hope stedfast and sure...even in death.

Lovely Amsterdam!!

A said...

Oh I love these photos so much. And I think you and I have got the same earrings :-)))

Paula Kathlyn said...

Beautiful! I'd love to go one day!