Friday, November 2, 2012

Hiking Germany and Austria

My favorite hiking season is's the most colorful....and lovely, crisp cool air to breathe in. We did a six mile hike around this gorge that started in Germany and ends up looping somewhere on the border of Austria.  Every bend in the trail and corner of the gorge brought us breath-taking sights!

I definitely fell more in love with hiking....nothing like exploring on foot. :)
Aubrey xo


Jemi Fraser said...

Those are beautiful pictures!! The landscape is quite similar to here in Northern Ontario - just gorgeous!

Anonymous said...

Such beautiful pictures! What a blessing to be able to go to so many wonderful places and explore on foot God's Glorious creation! Your children are blessed to have a momma that loves adventure!

Christie Perkins said...

beautiful pix!! love the stone pic! reminded me of Joshua 4. =)