Monday, November 5, 2012

Nothing overrated about traveling.....

We are leaving for Rome in a see the infamous Colliseum....and you know what? I really hate it when people tell me..."ooh it's overrated...just a pile of rubble...the crowds, the hecklers, the blah blah blah..."  WHAT THE HECK IS OVERRATED ABOUT THE COLLISEUM!!  I would'nt care if there was ONE brick left....I would go see it...touch it...smell it...get my picture with it.

I'm convinced "they" don't know their history...really.  Or they don't LOVE history as I do, otherwise the very fact that you were standing inside such a prominent place in history, where worlds were changed... you could not think it just a pile of rubble.  Part of what drives me to the history itself....what once was the center of the universe to very small people....places and people that changed the world and the way we see it and live it today....remembering the past and the sacrifices of that history will not repeat it's dark, evil pasts.

BTW~ have you flown RyanAir and what was your experience? This will be my first time. I normally fly big name airlines....

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Loree said...

The Colosseum is not a pile of rubble. It is actually quite huge :) But then, I love history too and will willingly walk a mile to see a pile of stones.