Wednesday, February 6, 2013

birthdays smurfdays

Today I am 37.   The number looks so ooold. But I don't feel any older than 27.  I guess the saying is're only as old as you feel.  Yesterday I wore my chuck taylors and ripped up jeans...denial.  I'm so loving life right now....and then I have to go and celebrate another birthday...another year older...nothing like putting a damper in your mood.  :/

My son came home last night with an ice cream cake, a valentine, heart-shaped cookie with MOM spelled out in red icing, and my favorite perfume. How is sweet is that? He will make a wonderful husband to a lucky girl one day....way in the future ;)

Recently I've developed a new hobby....painting.  I paint with acrylics for now...and I listen to Edith Piaf.  I found it so relaxing.  I have no education whatsoever in arts....but regardless it makes me happy. :)  I have signed my art as "Lucy"..

Have you tried anything new lately?   Am I the only one that has random hobbies? lol  I guess I just like to try new things.....see what's all the hype and excitement about.  :)   I also discovered recently ....lavender baths+french music+candlelit room= happiness



Steve Finnell said...

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Casey Jolee said...

Happy Birthday Wishes from Nova Scotia! The paintings are lovely! I didn't develop the crafty genes in my family, sadly.

Anonymous said...

Your works of art are lovely. You don't need training in art, you got the " natural talent" for it. And how I wish I could be back to being 37.

Loree said...

I think that your art is very pretty. Happy birthday. I rarely have time to try anything new these days :(

Michelle said...

You area fabulous artiste as well. 37 is a great age :)

HOPE said...

Ok I WANT snowy art!! Great work!!

Yes indeed ypur son IS going to be a real sweatheart.. because he already is now! We say wat h how a guy treats his mom!!

So 37 is OLD ahh like the 90 year old told me... ahh you're just a!! Loved it!! Soo you are still MY baaaby!!

Read a sign today OLD AGE IS FOR SISSIES!! NO REPLY FROM OTHER sissies!! Could be reinterperpted! Lol

Dalfa Syifa said...