Tuesday, April 28, 2009

One of my favorite hobbies is photography...mostly of nature and now and then I like to pose my kids....I visited a beautiful garden today and took my children to see if I could get some good practice with the camera! I thought these pictures were precious. My sister's little boy Cameron is the one little man in the photos with my daughter, Genevieve.

I like to play with textures and use nature as props....sometimes I let the kids pose as they will and I just click away...There's usually one or two great pictures I can pull from the camera!

This was an old iron swing hanging from a gorgeous tree! The purple tulips were cut from her garden! Next time I will post a blog about my friend's garden....:)

I laughed so hard at this picture!!! I was telling him to lean over and kiss his cousin on the cheek and this was the response he gave me! Too funny!

This was the door of the hen house in the garden. Genevieve found three eggs!
Well, it's late....loooong day....I'll post the rest of my pictures another post!


Pam--in Estonia said...

Love the photography! Excellent job :)
And I love the over sized suit coat on Cameron... just adorable!

What kind of camera do you use?

HOPE said...

OH MY!!! EXCELLENT! you are on your way to being a PRO!

LOVE the big suit coat too! I can't believe he did this for you! At Nathan's wedding it was NO WAY...ta-marrow!

Precious of Genevieve holding the eggs..how sweet.

MISSING YOU ALL terribly! the photos don't help! but love them!


Carrie said...

Your pictures are beautiful. Have you gotten a new camera since you were here? It seemed to be dying on you at the beach!! I wish we would've taken natural pictures like that of my kids when you were here. I'd probably pay a fortune to hire a photographer to get shots like those. Next time you're in the area I want an appointment....I need you to pick the wardrobe, location, and do the photography!!

HOPE said...

Gus posted about Beebers on his blog! SMILE