Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Composting!!!! Recycle!

Update on slow year.

Going well. I can't remember the last time I purchased retail, which is a good thing, right?

Even my thrifting has SLOWED way down. It's amazing how much "junk" I've found on the side of the road for free since starting my slow year! I guess you open your eyes a little wider to opportunities and goodwill!

I was overjoyed this past week to make a new friend who just so happens to live on a dairy farm! How about that? And she is going to "give" me raw milk, as much as I want whenever I come out to the farm...which happens to be where I live..Hooray!!! Wow, I'm so thrilled! We've been making do with oat milk..which isn't that great if you're used to the real thing!

Our current project of the slow year is building a compost bin so in the spring we can put in a nice garden. Here's what I would love to get...we had one in Washington.

I LOVED my compost bin in WA...I watered once a week...turned the compost a couple times...and viola...I had the perfect soil for the best veggie garden...what a harvest!

These bins are about 15 to 20 bucks! Not feasible right now for a slow year. So I'm constructing mine out of chicken wire. I figured it's got a way to breathe this way and can keep it contained enough to do the trick..then also it won't be too much trouble to take it down to use for our garden. Plus how cheap can you get with chicken wire and some scrap wood! Especially if you can barter your farmer friend for some scrap chicken wire! :)

Here's a rough sketch of what mine will look like!

So I found something interesting I thought I would share! There's soooo much you can actually compost! Imagine that! I doubt I'd hardly use the trash can anymore with all the things I can compost, considering most things are in plastic and I am trying to be good at alleviating plastic altogether. Feel free to copy, paste, print this on your refrigerator, or if you've chunked that ;), tape to your door to remind you to compost and recycle!!!!

Coffee grounds and filters
Tea bags
Used paper napkins
Pizza boxes, ripped into smaller pieces
Paper bags, either ripped or balled up
The crumbs you sweep off of the counters and floors
Plain cooked pasta
Plain cooked rice
Stale bread
Paper towel rolls
Stale saltine crackers
Stale cereal
Used paper plates (as long as they don't have a waxy coating)
Cellophane bags (be sure it's really Cellophane and not just clear plastic—there's a difference.)
Nut shells (except for walnut shells, which can be toxic to plants)
Old herbs and spices
Stale pretzels
Pizza crusts
Cereal boxes (tear them into smaller pieces first)
Wine corks
Moldy cheese
Melted ice cream
Old jelly, jam, or preserves
Stale beer and wine
Paper egg cartons
Bamboo skewers
Paper cupcake or muffin cups

From the Bathroom

Used facial tissues
Hair from your hairbrush
Toilet paper rolls
Old loofahs
Nail clippings
100% Cotton cotton balls
Cotton swabs made from 100% cotton and cardboard (not plastic) sticks

Personal Items

Cardboard tampon applicators

From the Laundry Room

Dryer lint
cotton clothing—rip or cut it into smaller pieces
wool clothing—rip or cut it into smaller pieces

From the Office

Bills and other documents you've shredded
Envelopes (minus the plastic window)
Pencil shavings
Sticky notes
Business cards (as long as they're not glossy)

Around the House

Contents of your vacuum cleaner bag or canister
Newspapers (shredded or torn into smaller pieces)
Subscription cards from magazines
Leaves trimmed from houseplants
Dead houseplants and their soil
Flowers from floral arrangements
Natural potpourri
Used matches
Ashes from the fireplace, barbecue grill, or outdoor fire pit

Party and Holiday Supplies

Wrapping paper rolls
Paper table cloths
Crepe paper streamers
Latex balloons
Jack o' Lanterns
Those hay bales you used as part of your outdoor fall decor
Natural holiday wreaths
Your Christmas tree. Chop it up with some pruners first (or use a wood chipper, if you have one...)
Evergreen garlands


Fur from the dog or cat brush
Droppings and bedding from your rabbit/gerbil/hamsters, etc.
Newspaper/droppings from the bottom of the bird cage
Alfalfa hay or pellets (usually fed to rabbits)
Rawhide dog chews
Fish food
Dry dog or cat food

Do NOT compost cat terds! Yep, I checked! Ha.ha.

Have a lovely week!


Aubrey said...

you are right about the tampons...which is why they are in my list of no paper or plastic. I haven't tried the diva cup yet...thanks for the tip!

Q said...

Make sure you read up about it, I personally haven't had a bad day with mine... ever, but I've heard of some horror stories. How about I trade you a (Brand new, I'm adding that because when I re-read it, it sounded like I'd be giving you an old one)diva cup for the kombucha? I feel that would be sufficient and also something you could actually use.

Aubrey said...

ah-ha...wonderful! I packaged the scoby's today and they ship tomorrow!!! :) I'm sure you probably know how to make it, but email if you have any ???? Thank you!

Q said...

Awesome. I'll be waiting for it!

camelfam said...

I love my compost bin and I love that I got it free from my county for attending a composting seminar.

I also use and love the diva cup!