Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Weekend treasure hunting!

Saturday I passed a Relay for Life yard sale...I had no intention of stopping(weird huh?) until I saw that EVERYTHING was 10 cents!!! Whoo-hoo...of course I screeched the van to a halt, nearly knocking Genevieve out of her carseat, jammed it in reverse and then zoomed up the driveway! Boy was I glad I stopped, I tried not to think of all the goodies that were probably already taken, as they were packing up when I came speeding up their driveway. Nonetheless, I still managed to find some "treasure"!

My favorite find was the cloche!!!! I was so hoping one day I would get lucky! :)
I put the label on the plate! And the cups and saucers were ALL for 10 cent and they are from Pier One Imports!!!

Some pretty napkins for 10 cents.

A cute beachy basket for 10 cents!

I loved these old books I got both for 10 cent! I really liked the color of their covers...but the stories and poetry looked like good reading too...

This cute little bench/table thingy was a freebie on the side of the road! It was a hideous orange color, but I'm distressing it white! Still have more paint and sanding to do on it...but I think it makes a cute side table for my books! :)

Well I got the labeling bug again and traveled through the house with my glue gun, stamps and stickers!

I used a peice of cardstock and sticker letters for my little wire basket.

I used a stamp on this plate from Close To My Heart! I used to sell it, so I have quite a few stamps to play with, my favorites were always the quotes. I like that I can change the quotes on my plate!

The "grass" box I found a couple years ago at Dollar General, I recently spray-painted it white. The rocks we picked up at our favorite beach (Larrabee) in Bellingham, WA! So glad I brought something to remind me of our treasure hunts on the beach!

My creative juices were flowing today and I took down a red toile valance that was up in my dining room! I'm sending it to mother dearie! I simply can't do color. I love color...but I get claustrophobic after a couple days of it! *sigggghhhhh* So alas, I am back to my neutral beach decor....(please don't send me any lighthouses);)

Anyway, I think the neutral tones fit my personality better. I am laid-back, free-spirited, casual, not a huge fan of stress, or stress-related factors, I like peace, calm and tranqulity, I always see the glass half-full, I like everything happy, happy, joy, joy! tee-hee...so basically I feel my comfort zone is nuetral colors like white, white, uh, white! No, really I love nature and it seems to find it's way in my house someway or another, whether it's my kids pockets or soveniurs from the woods, beach, mountains. So I have greens and browns in natural elements, and tons of white...accessories I LOVE pencil starfish, sea shells, old books, chairs, bamboo, white linens, white dishes, seagulls, sand dollars, driftwood...So there you have, and you just learned something new about me!

So where was I? Oh yeah, I took down the valance and I had lots of white sheets I got over the last couple years from Sallys aka salvation army. I intended on using them to cover things or whatever came to mind. Today, they made the PERFECT curtains for my dining room. And I learned a trick to hanging curtains with the rings...clip the rings BEHIND the curtain about four inches from the top...they simply fall in the prettiest way!!! I can't remember which blog I got the trick from;( Anyway, I LOVE how the fabric POOOOOOOLS on the floor....My curtains MUST pool on the floor...so dramatic!

Anyway, yes I've resorted to hanging my bedroom sheets from the window...(don't read this dad!) At least I didn't use tacks or a glue stick):) So what do you think?


Audra said...

What a score, for ten cents a piece! I haven't been to a sale in years with prices that low! Incredible finds, FRUGAL SCORE to the extreme...

Love, love the new curtains. I get restless too with my curtains and change them out frequently. Great hint on putting the rings four inches lower to make that "ruffle" top. I definitely agree that all curtains should pool to the floor.


Jessica said...

You are on a roll woman, great work I love the curtains, and can not beleive your garage sale finds they are amazing!

HOPE said...

Love it all..and pacing the floor for my FREEEEEEE window treatment! Best find of all!

Great going on all the new stuff and crafts..

By the way...SPELL CHECK is in great need of a job..I think some here could help them out! LOL


Parchey Family said...

You have the best ideas. Yesterday I was sitting in my house thinking about the things I have given away or sold that I could have repurposed. By the way I love the hats and I am thinking about getting a couple for my boys or having my mom get them for Christmas presents. (she lives in Lowville) I will let you know. Angie