Monday, September 28, 2009

Happy Monday!

Not sure if this is a politically correct way of homeschooling! Let's just say we'll have a very smart cat! I told Genevieve to start her reading hour and came upstairs to find her in the laundry basket reading aloud to Lowie! I'll have to ask him later how she did! ;) BTW, she is reading wonderfully now! :)

These are the hats that I have for sale now. Let me know if you want any. They are 10 dollars which includes shipping. I have different sizes of these.

We went for a little hike the other day and I spotted this beauty! It looked like it was trying to hold on for dear life as the autumn winds were pulling at it's petals to say goodbye to summer!

Summer is wonderful, but Fall is perfect! My favoritest time of the year!

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HOPE said...

Oh look at that kitty...he is the cutest ever!!! Not to mention the LOVELY little ladies in the pics!


CUTE CUTE hats!!