Thursday, November 19, 2009

I'm Still Here

Well, I'm still alive! Barely. I'm sure you know how it goes
around the that with 4 kids...hubby's weird schedule...
a host of homeschool group...ahhhh...blogging? What's that? ;)

I'm pretty "pooped"!


Then I started MY very own book club...only we're not doing Jane Austen...yet!

This was somewhere on my bucketlist of things to do before 40! :] I've always
wanted to be a part of one...welll, so I took a step further and started my own!
We started out with 4 committed girls...our first meeting was this past Tuesday and
there was ELEVEN girls counting me! In fact, one was missing so that would've made
12! The official book club cutoff number...haha...

Jane Austen Book Club Pictures, Images and Photos

We are doing the book "Created to Be His Helpmeet" By Debi Pearl. Excellent book on
marriage and how to make it heavenly...:) Next book for January is Total Forgiveness.

I plan on opening a blog for an online book discussion and if you'd like to join and
become in author to post your answers to the discussion questions...
I'd love to hear from you!

Every end of the year, I send picture cards to family and friends. We(Mister and I)
despise going to studios...especially if I ask him to wear his army uniform...the
one with all the bling-bling. He hates being the center of attention!

So I got a few pics of the kiddos...this weekend I hope to get some of all of us
together for the cards.






I hope to catch up on all my favorite blogs this weekend! I miss everyone! ;)


Audra said...

I wondered what things in life had kept you from blogging. I knew the laptop was in the shop, so I didn't fret...too much.

Love, Love, Love the pictures of the kiddos, you are showing such a talent for these candid shots. I love candid photos over the posed!

Thanks for the lovely comments, really made my day!

A.B. said...

I feel just like that cat tonight!
So that makes two of us. Right?
Oh my, we do need to get some family shots done too. No studios for us either. D assures me that he was permanently traumatized by family photo sessions. :-) After several extended family shoots, I think I can understand why. His family gets mega stressed about it all. But our family shots are more informal and candid, like us. :-O
Great job with the kids! Try a timer number and jump in so we can see your lovely face too. ;)
All the best for a happy weekend!!!

~~Deby said...

oh that CAT picture is GREAT...and your kiddos are precious....ADORABLE....bucket list...ahem...think mine feels like I have *kicked the bucket*..or maybe put some KFC in mine...
Might consider your book club your sweet mom going to participate???

HOPE said...

Oh boy....through TEARS I'm seeing my precious G'kids...Growing up!

Trying to reach out and HUG each of them...

oh my that Lowie is soooo Cuuuute! Look at those paws!

I adore the pooped kitty...looks like my ol Ralphie!!

Great pics as always....


Parchey Family said...


It is great that you are back. I check your blog everyday. I love these pictures of your kids, especially the candid one. We do photo shot here at the house every year for Christmas cards. This year we used a picture from our trip to Disney World. I hope you and your family have a wonderful Thanksgiving. I can not wait to see some of the projects you are working on. Angie

Paula Kathlyn said...

Lovely pictures of your kids- they are so pretty/handsome!
Wish I could meet for book club-sounds fun :)

Jessica said...

You never cease to amaze me, I am in that book club and the first one was so much fun! The pictures are just beautiful, I think I am ready to set up another photo shoot.