Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Projects and Frugal Finds

In the middle of chaos, I have here and there managed to get
to some of my projects! :)

I found this gorgeous, antique table at Sally's aka salvation army! :)
Picked it up for 40.00...I know, beyond what I would normally pay
for a thrift table but it is VERY sturdy...and soooo shabby chic
with it's new coat of white paint! It was a horrible array of dark
colors when I picked it up...I know..shoot me I forgot to take
BEFORE pics! Well, anyway I just LOVE the details on this table.
I think I ended up doing three coats of paint and LOTS of sanding!
Well, worth it. I absolutely adore the flowers and feet on this peice!
I could shoot myself for not grabbing the other table that matched!
Oh poo!

Sorry the last pic is a bit blurry and colored. This table is going
in my beach cottage living room next to my white couch! :) Not done
with my living room, pics soon!




Next up is my Christmas wall hanging quilt. Someone gave me a bag
of fabric that had all these scraps of Christmas pieces....so I
decided to try my hand at this pattern. I still need to put the
binding on and figure out how I'm going to hang it. It's going up
in my dining room wall for a cheerful, festive feel!


Here's a closer look at the fabrics I used.


I was so thrilled this weekend, hubby finally got a chance to
hang this pot rack! I bought the thing two years ago at IKEA aka
my favorite place to shop! And I never have had a chance to hang
it. I like it because I can place things on top as well! And...
a place to hang my herbs and garlic to dry! :)



Frugal Finds:

Found this cute little shelf awhile back for 5 bucks! Needed more
storage in the kitchen so it sits by my stove and holds my
veggie baskets!


Found this basket for 5 cents to hold my tea stuff and the sugar
jar a freebie on a yard sale table. Been lookin' for one of
these for a loooong time!

Found my beloved antique door for 25 cents! I showed this before,
but I love it and it's become an inspiration to the rest of my decor
(much to hubby's dismay) haha!
Photobucket So I'm wondering what else I could do with it? Or do you like it as is?

Found this adorable seashell at the base exchange for a dollar!!!
I put my cactus plant in it and it sits on my piano!

Found these adorable canisters at Fred Myers on their clearance
shelf for super duper cheap! :)Photobucket


This basket was a file basket...was gonna chunk it and decided to
take this white fabric and make a lining for it...now it sits
by the piano and holds my music books!

Well, gotta start baking for Thanksgiving! I started out with 4
pies last week, down to two, as hubby was overcome with temptation
and some how managed to eat two over the weekend! *note to self*
don't buy deserts till day before! ;)


HOPE said...

Wow..you have been busy...nice table! You are coming right along with Quilting!!

PIES..you did have..LOL

I made our imfamous "hamburger" cookies today..you'll have to explain that one to your readers who see this comment!

Hope you have a lovely, warm and cozy Thanksgiving. I will truly miss you all more than I can say..no gingerbread house this year. SIGH.

I love you all and so THANKFUL for you.


A.B. said...

The little table looks simply charming!
Thanks for sharing all the photos, it was fun to see all your happy finds and fun uses Happy Thanksgiving!!!!!

myrepurposedlife.blogspot.com said...

love the table! You got some good finds. I like the pot rack too.
Happy Thanksgiving

Audra said...

I love the quilt! Reminds me of one my mother made out of repurposed fabric. We had that for the longest time, bringing it out each year. What fond memories I have of hanging it up and enjoying it all season long.

The new lovelies are fantastic! Those jars make me "green" with envy. That table...my heart skipped a few beats when I laid eyes on it...Wish you could have gotten the other one too.

Of course I am lovin' the pot rack! I wish my kitchen was set up for one, just no area to put one, though I could use it. I love the idea of hanging spices and herbs from it to dry.

Happy Thanksgiving to you and yours,

J.H said...

that's a very pretty table, I must say that's a great find :-)