Friday, December 11, 2009

Snow day 4

We awoke to...if you can even imagine...MORE snow! It snowed all night
and is still snowing. We are officially snowed in!


See the snow in my window?


My backyard!

the shed in the backyard.

My car...doesn't look like I'll go shopping today :P

A kind neighbor attempts to clear a path on the sidewalk.

Mister decides he will try to unbury the car.

Remember my red picket fence.

Copper and Mister love the snow!

So does little girl...She said she loved playing in "the deep parts"

Quite wore out from shoveling snow all morning.

Thankfully, we are staying toasty warm inside and able to enjoy
the beautiful view outside.

I'm amazed yet again, of God's incredible handiwork of creation.
What an amazing artist! Every season welcomes a new canvas with
beautiful scenery...I'm not sure now which is my favorite...but
for now I'm truly enjoying the winter wonderland up here.


HOPE said...

GORGEOUS PHOTOS!!! I'd frame them all..including the kids, dog and dad LOL.

OOooh does that look COLD though...

I am so glad you are ALL warm inside. I bet hot chocolate never tasted as good as now!

Tell..."little girl" I like the deep parts too and wish I was there to play with her in the BIG SNOW.

HUGS of warmth...

carla said...

I've visited your blog several times, like it and bookmarked it, but don't think I've ever commented.

Lovely family.

Lovely photos.

Is this the Fort Drum area? Our sons was posted there and we spent Christmas there 2 years ago and it looked a lot like this. Not quite as much snow but a whole lot more than we get in north Texas.

If this is where you live, do you go to Cornerstone Assembly of God. That's a great church and where we attended when visiting.

Merry Christmas