Monday, February 15, 2010

Hello my bloggy friends

I just want to thank any followers I still have out there
following my humble little blog! :P I've missed you all
so much!

I am now "settled" in my new home and just today plugged in
my new computer! Yea! I hope to load tons of pictures soon
of my house. This was very much an impromtu move...but the
Lord has a way of doing things that way sometimes...:) We
had tossed the idea several times during the past year,
whether we should try to move on base...the wait-list was
quite long for a four bedroom and we were willing to
take a three bedroom if they would let us. My soldier
decided to go to housing three weeks ago and check the
wait-list for a three bedroom. Evidently, today was his
lucky day, the receptionist told him, because a four-
bedroom came open and would be move-in ready in two
weeks! Perfect! Since soldier is deploying in less than
two months!

I've met some awesome people here in my small town,
we managed to pack up and clean in a week. A whirlwind
two weeks later I'm sitting in my lovely four-bedroom
house on base, just a block away from anything or
everything I need while soldier is deployed!

The animals aka dog and cat are now comfortable. The
first couple days were a bit "hairy", as their stomachs
were nervous...but thankfully they are happy and content
as we are with our new home.

My birthday weekend we spent moving and unpacking, so
this weekend we celebrated my 21st birthday...again:P
We had dinner out with good friends and my soldier
surprised me and bought me a Nikon D5000 camera!!! There
are so many gadgets and whistles on this thing, I may
have to take a college class. I am super excited to use
though. There are lots of wildlife that roam around the
base and I am anxious catch them in action and share them
with you!

We still have tons of snow sitting on the ground. I'm
ready for summer to get here.

Thank you for your warm-hearted comments...I'm anxious
to catch up on all my favorite blogs! Keep in touch!


sasicas said...

Its about time you get back on here ;)

J.H said...

great to hear you are back into blog-sphere! Welcome back!

Audra said...

So thrilled you are back, you were missed my blogging buddy! Can't wait to see pictures of the new home and with a fabulous new camera.

Thanks for the love on the items I picked up. I was thrilled to be asked/sponsored to do a garage sale foray and blog about it. You know I love the yard sales. Thankfully Arizona weather allows for year round sales.

I am with you on the green. I love, love, L.O.V.E green! I have to reign myself in as sometimes I think I have a little too much of it, centrally located. Are you still doing the white theme?

Can't wait to see your next post...Take care and God Bless.


Deborah said...

Welcome back!

HOPE said...

We've always been here..patiently waiting on your puter problems...

I too can't wait for PHOTOS of anything and everything! Like KIDS Smiles! and Copper and Lowie! and a guided tour of the new house.

So happy you FINALLY celebrated your b'day..WOWZIE you are only 21! Yipppeee...

that makes me only 42!!! YEA..You made my day!

I love you all...HUGGLE BIBBLES..

A.B. said...

Hey, Happy BDay, I tried to call on the day
and didn't get through and then forgot to try later on. Glad you had some celebration and
the gift sounds lovely!! Can't wait to see all the pics.