Thursday, February 18, 2010

Tour of my house

Good evening! Here to share some photos of our
new home on army post. You will see I have space
to decorate! I've decided I love the color green...
in all shades! Being an avid hiker/mountaineer,
I've drawn my inspiration from the outdoors.
Shades of green, earthy tones, and some white of

Soldier darling, informed me upon moving into the
new house that we were NOT doing eclectic aka mixing
crap with good stuff "in this house" I quote! Shabby
chic is not an option in either the living room or
bedroom. we came to a compromise and he
is happy with my natural approach to decor. My pencil
starfish, sand dollars, and grass stay, flowers and
frills go. Okay...I'll go with it.

Can you believe we managed to agree on the new bedroom set
we got each other for our anniversary gift...early, but
that's because he will be on a deployment during our 14th
anniversary. And yes, although we mostly disagree on decor
we are very much happily married, thank you Lord, I can say
this in a very much unstable generation.

For those who journeyed with me on my other blog through
my slow year...I am estatic to inform that as of this
month I am debt free. A goal I set out to accomplish during
my slow year. What is a slow year? Basically, a challenge
that I would not buy new or retail, that I would repurpose,
reuse, and make-do with what I had. I also cut out
disposable paper products, minus toilet paper (we'll not
go there for now) Mostly anything store bought was food
only. I learned I can do it when I put my mind to it. I
learned there is a LOT I really CAN live without. I learned
what WANTS and NEEDS really mean. I learned there is much
joy and contentment in the simple things in life. =)

Now onto the house tour:

Copper insisted on getting in the picture, so here he is
leading the tour....


The living room here is quite sparce as I'm still
trying to figure out where I'm going with it in here.
Plus soldier darling picked out a different couch
that is most definitely not white...any takers for
my adored Ikea couch?

Here is my kitchen...bypassed the dining room
until I actually have a table in there...everything's
kinda bare bones right now.

this is the other side of the kitchen. kinda weird
there's no window over the kitchen sink. Any ideas
what to hang there?

Below is the eat-in kitchen area and the door
to the backyard.

Here is my huge laundry that I am lovin!

Guest bathroom

Copper says lets head upstairs.

Oh wait a minute...someone's at the front door!

There are four bedrooms upstairs. We are in the office/homeschool/
craft room here.
Daughter H is playing a math game. I'm doing black
and white with touches of apple green in here.

Here is the girl's room. I have lots of sewing to
do...for curtains!
We were wanting to paint their room pink, but I'm wondering
if there's too much pink going on!? Maybe a light green? ;)

There are three bathrooms in this house, so the kids get
one all to themselves. We picked frogs...cuz their green ;)
The soap pump ribbits when you push it down..i luv it...
Target is where you can find this set! :)

Here is our bedroom...there is a hint of green in the lamps.
still shopping for some bed pillows I like. Should I paint
the room a warm green(light) or tan? hmmm

The Comforter was a clearance bargain at Bed, Bath
and Beyond!It's luxurious!

Lowie had to try it for himself!

Ahhh! What a life!

The boy's room...looking for some cool denim bean bags!

Two nice big windows looking out to the front street.
Yes, every window has vertical blinds. They're okay,
but I prefer curtains.

half of the staircase

So now you've seen army base housing :) Lots of decorating to
be done. This shall keep me busy while Soldier is away. Which
is supposed to be any day now. They have put away the company
flag, he's got all his shots taken care of and has most
everything packed and already shipped overseas. Just
making everyday count with him.

Hope you enjoyed the tour. Ideas welcome! :) I'd love
to hear from you~

Many Blessings~ Aubrey


Dee Dietz said...

Hi Aubrey, Nice Picks! An idea for the space in front of the sink is one of those wooden deorative window panes with a mirror replacing the glass. (I do not know what they are called exactly) Some come with a shelf and others with shutters. You can add your personal touche by adding greenery, flowers, candles, etc...

Pam--in Estonia said...

I like what you've done so far! I never seem to get a window above my kitchen sink, but if I have a place for it I like to hang a mirror there. That way I can at least see what's going on behind me and I'm not just staring at a blank wall. Plus I guess you could use that old theory of "making the room look larger".

April L said...

I think a nice window pane with an outdoor picture painted on it and some curtains would look really nice over the kitchen sink. I have always been lucky to have my sink where the counter/bar is open. Best wishes to your hubby as he travels and is apart from his family. Thank him for what he does and thank you for what you do as his wife and his support.

J.H said...

wow, that's one beautiful, neat and spacious house :-) Hope you enjoy every bit of it!

A.B. said...

Looks like lots of lovely space to rumble around in and to decorate too.
I am so thrilled for you that you have met your goals and are debt free.
That is really worth so much more than most people understand and it is totally worth the effort.
In less than three more years we will reach our goal of being completely debt free including our land and home loan.
Otherwise we are currently debit free and wouldn't have it any other way.
(well, okay, once in a while I do get a wee bit jealous of "the perfectly decorated home" or drool over a Wustof chef knife:-)
But mostly, I am really and truly very happy with the way we have chosen to live.)
But back to your house, I can't wait to see how you finish everything.
You are so talented with decorating, and I always get ideas from you.
Thank you BTW!
Still thinking about hiking in July, man, I wanna do that!
Catch you later.

Aubrey said...

Thank you for all your wonderful ideas! I'll post pics as I add things! So great to hear from you DEE! Think about you lots! I think the mirror Idea sounds nice. Maybe I'll look for a mirrored window!? Leann, I'm totally praying you get to hike the AT with me this summer!

Audra said...

Little late to post, seems there are several suggestions similar to mine. I had same issue, I did get a mirrored window pane and made a ruffled valence to cover the top. I had so many compliments on that "window".

Love the new home, serious space for your family, wonderful that you will be on base while your soldier is deployed.

Glad to have you back, you were greatly missed.

Parchey Family said...

It is always interesting to me to see how different housing looks on different posts. The housing is very nice and I love the wood floors. Hope you and your family is settling in nicely. I have to say living on post for the commisary prices is well worth it. I have seen a huge difference in prices here when I go to grocery stores off post. Hope all is well. Angie

~~Deby said...

catching up a bit this evening...after living many years in base housing, I know it takes lots of creativity to make such bare spaces *yours*..look like you are well on your way...I too like mirrors over a kitchen sink..,,,maybe even fake shutters painted green along the side of the mirror....prayers for you as you go through this time missing your guy...