Sunday, February 21, 2010

Thoughts and Photography

I was pondering this week my struggle with commitments. I've moved
almost an hour away from where we lived and were involved in different
activities and projects. I took some time this past week after
successfully unpacking every room in the house, to figure out
which activities and functions were important, and which ones
I could leave behind as memories of our days in Lewis county. Some
new opportunities will arise this new year as we settle in to our
new home on post, as well as opportunities in helping our troops
while they are away for a year.
Soldier and I decided a long time ago when our kids were little,
that we would not fill our evenings and weekends up with shuttling
kids back and forth from one activity to another, sports, ect.
While we wanted them to interact with other children, love sports,
music, art, ect., we didn't want them to lose sight of experiencing
the pleasures in simple things and a special closeness in bonding
with each other. We opted instead for activities we could do as
a family or with friends to share our experiences with. Thus we
began our adventures in hiking, camping, beach combing, ect.
Time was on our side, full of spontenaity, we took full advantage
of anything and everything life could bring our way. It would fill
the pages of a book to tell you all that we have enjoyed together
in our journeys and adventures in the last several years. I'm
thankful for them....the traveling that endeared us to siblings
far away and new friends who taught us new things, places people
read about in books, wildlife that took our breath away, mountains
we climbed, and even the journey through hard times that
brought us closer together. These I wouldn't trade for an all-star
player, ballet dancer, or karate kid. Yes, my kids have done
karate...I'm sure you get my point;)

I said all that to say, the freedom from commitments has more
than just allowed us new adventures and experiences, I firmly
believed it allowed room in our lives for God to step in and
change the wind so to speak. We don't want to be tied down
so tight to life, things, and people, that God can not
move us, work in us or through us.
So this week as I was thinking about what commitments I
was preparing to make, I knew that I needed to pray and
seek the Lord's will. Would there be liberty for God
to use me? Would I have time for God? Would there be
a window...a door...for God to step through and be in
every way part of our daily life?
I know the first commitment we must make as a family,
is to serve God first before we commit to any other
activities. The following commitments must not
interfere with my relationship with God, nor can
I let my life become too busy that I fail to miss
the still small voice of God calling me to do
some service or sacrifice for Him.
The commitments I do make, I pray with honor and glorify Him!

Blessings to you~Aubrey


HOPE said...

What joy to read these I thank the LORD for a daughter who desires to put the LORD first in her life...

Beautiful photography!!

Audra said...

Your pictures and words are beautiful. What a wonderful tradition you are setting with your children, one that will no doubt be passed on to their children and so forth.