Monday, February 22, 2010

Monday Musings on an army wife

1. Working out this afternoon and three more this week to train
for my hike on the AT! (appalachian trail)

2. I give up trying to rescue this cat out of the snow today.
I put the cat carrier outside with some food in it to lure him
in so I could help him...he ate the food and left the cat
carrier! :S

3. Threatened my children that they would pay me for doing
their chores if they slack off on their chores again. ;)

4. Wondering why my 34th birthday two weeks ago, put 10
pounds on me and why can't it go to my boobs instead of
my hips! :(

5. Wishing I wasn't a procrastinator...symptom of ADD, so
is impulsiveness, insomnia, and restlessness. :)

6. Thinking how ridiculous it is that my soldier still
doesn't have a date when he's leaving, but we have his
orders already.

7. wondering if homeschooling is a curse or a blessing?!

8. Thankful my mom does not have cancer anymore.

9. I need to go buy some slippers today and a rug for the
back door.

10. I'm soooooo ready to see green grass again and my flip
flops again!

Thank you for listening!



HOPE said...

Well..I heard you loud and clear...

and waiting for the picture of the Kitty Kat...escapee!

Begin my radiaton treatments this week for 6 remove ANY remaining cancer...Praise the LORD for his blessed care for me.

And..TODAY...I WAS wearing Flip Flops! Guess you need to just come visit HOME! (HINT HINT)


Kelly Johnson said...

I agree with Hope! You must visit HOME! Seems like the "no date" thing is popular with the military these days! Homeschooling - now there's a topic we could do for days! Praying for you as you prepare for soldier's departure.

I love your new home. Funny how the kitchen cabinets are the same color as Alisons!

Audra said...

I wish I could send some Arizona Sunshine your way. Although it's been rainy for three days now and I am in heaven! Praising God for his blessing on your mother, what a wonderful testimony of healing and faith.