Saturday, March 20, 2010

Dear Diary...I'm exausted

The mystery is solved is the cat litter!
(see previous post for details) =) He made his blue
print again all through the house last night. He stalks
his prey and hunts for water apparently while we
struggle to sleep soundly during this chaotic mess of
getting prepared for soldier to deploy!

Back to the cat litter, Arm & Hammer...don't make this
mistake! I quote, from the box "color-changing crystals
turn to blue on contact with urine, making it easy to
find and remove even small odor-causing pieces" ....that's
not all folks. I also quote "safe color-change WON'T transfer
to cat's paws or carpets" REALLY? huh?

What do you think? Should I send in the pics of my
floors, toilet and tub sporting the artwork of a
blue-pawed kitty??? Alas, I cleaned all three
bathrooms and floors!

I'm too tired today to load pictures, maybe monday.
We went for a nice family hike, went running, & and
I studied for two exams due Monday.

This morning I begged soldier to drive me to Starbucks!
My new favorite drink is Apple Caramel Spice! It's
apple pie in a cup! I don't even wanna know how many
calories I just drank, but once in awhile can't hurt!

The army wives and the soldiers are getting
together tonight for homemade enchiladas at my house!
I make my own tortillas and sauce and it is sooo

Well, I'm off to finish the laundry.

Army Wife


sasicas said...

Um eww. Another reason we will NOT get any pets, of course there is the issue with the boy being allergic to dogs and my guess would be cats too.
Soooo where is the recipe??? You can't just post about some yummy food and leave us hanging like that. not cool lol.
Oh and now I want Starbucks, thanks alot ;)

Paula Kathlyn said...

Yes!!! you should DEFINITELY send them the pics!!! They need to know that their product does not work like they advertise it does! Sorry you had such a mess to clean :(