Saturday, April 17, 2010

Dear Diary....

Well, the last three days have been looooong! Boys are finally
finished with hunting class! Last night the girls played in the
park, while brothers were in class, and I studied Anatomy in
the parking lot! Thankfully the most eventful thing of the
evening was watching a racoon scavenging for food in front of
the car. That was perfectly alright with me, as I was still
recuperating from last night's escapade(see previous post)!

This morning bright and early we headed back to the
fire hall for the boys testing...and then for two hours
at the gun range. We stood in the pouring rain and
shivered in the cold, while patiently waiting for
the boys to shoot their rounds and grab their license. I
had no hat and there was no shelter, so I looked like
a drowned rat by the time I left. Nevermind the grocery
store, I'll do that after a shower and a nap!


Oh! And is it a crime not to wear camouflage to these
functions? If so, I would've gone to jail...

Sadly, I missed soldier's call while I "danced" in the rain!
Hoping he'll call tonight!

Yesterday was boys 4H Club. We drove to our friend's farm who
also happen to be the local vets in the town. They had a huge
barn and upstairs they set up the archery range. Balloons and hay
The instructor was a volunteer who was a fourth place world
champion in archery!
The boys played a little basketball too

I'm happy to report I am maintaining an A grade in my classes!
It's a lot of work, but I have to say it definitely keeps my
mind preoccupied and not dwelling on soldier's absence so much.

I still can't shake the emptiness it feels at night, nor
in my heart! Half of me feels like it's missing. It used to
crack soldier up to see me talk to I just feel
crazy! It was 3 weeks come it feels like 3
months! My kids only ask questions I have no answer to...

Little girl: "When is tomorrow?"

Answer that one!

I need to go try to finish my paper again, and hopefully
study for two exams due Monday!


1 comment:

Vanessa said...

Congrats on keeping your As that's great!
Archery looks like so much fun I've wanted to try that forever!

"When is tomorrow?"
That's a good one! When my kids asks questions like that I usually turn it back on them, "when do you think tomorrow is?"

Have a great weekend!