Thursday, April 15, 2010

Dear Diary....."Such a Jonah day"

A quote from Anne of Green Gables...I find myself quoting her alot.
I know now why I liked reading about her so much growing
up, I can relate to her so well.
Anne of Green Gables Pictures, Images and Photos
My favorite: "Tomorrow is a new day with know mistakes in it"
to which Mrs. Stacy promptly answered back, "yet!" Because
she knows Anne Shirley all too well.

So the boys had their first hunting class last night! I googled
directions, said it was only 31 minutes away. The plan was to
drop them off and head back into town for grocery shopping.
I drove an HOUR into TIMBUCKTU!!! I'm not was
back in the land time forgot! I passed Granny's restaraunt,
Granny's antique shop by the dozens, Uncle Bob's butcher
shop, and Lou's bate shop, nothing else! I was sure I
was going to get lost, not to mention it was raining! SO
we find the Fire Hall where they're taking their lessons.
By this time, I'm thinking we're just going to sit here
there is no way I'm going back into town I'll get lost again.

No grocery store in town, except a gas station which served gas
and groceries, so bought some snacks and drinks and we sat for
four hours waiting for the boys. Fortunately I brought my
Anantomy book and studied.

Lost my contact sitting there, drove home in the dark with
one good eye in the rain. Told the kids they should let
me know before I pass a STOP sign and make sure I get on
Ft Drum!!!

I pull in my yard at 10:30pm and there are two MP's
(military police) standing in my yard! HOlY MOLY!
What did I do this time?

ME: Got the kids. Check! House still standing.
Check! The dog....uh-oh

Everyone on FT Drum called about my dog barking!

Fortunately, the MP was super nice! He even asked
if I was wondering why they were standing in my yard.

"No dude, I figured you for lawn ornaments!?"

Anyway, Copper did not appreciate us not letting him
in after dark. So back into the laundry room he goes
tonignt when I go back to the land time forgot!

Well, today is a new day with no mistakes in it and
I'm off to take the boys to Archery class for 4H club!

Will post pics tomorrow~



HOPE said...

Oh poor Army Wife...I wanted to cry at all the mishaps of the day. I think we better take up a collection for a GPS..wait will it work out in farm land?

Take care of yourself...guess Copper better ride along next time..and anyway good body guard!


Vanessa said...

I don't know about you, but anyone in uniform over at my house would have sent me into a panic attack! Even though I know full well if anything had happened the MPs would not be first person to show up at my door!

Hope you were able to relax some after your day!

Paula Kathlyn said...

Wow! That is crazy! I have definitely driven with one contact too and it was NOT fun, especially since my prescrption is -5.0 in both eyes! Do you homeschool?