Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Dear Diary....trying to stay positive today!

Soldier called me this morning to inform me that he
is going on a dangerous night mission!

He has been seperated from the rest of his company
to do a certain job...however, it hasn't officially
started, so he is bored, shut up with a bunch of
kids, and needless to say, homesick!

He would LOVE for the work to begin that he
was sent there to do! Being busy makes the
time go faster, so I feel for him! I'm hoping
and praying he can begin his work he went there
to do. I don't know all the details, since he
has to be careful what he says on the phone.
I hope that things get better for him.

We have been blessed with a couple days of
beautiful weather. Yesterday we went for a hike.
4 miles...Here some pics I took along the way!
I imagine this place in gorgeous in the fall. I'll have to
go back too, when spring is fully in session!
Little girl couldn't stay away from the water!
We stopped for a little while to let the kids skip some
rocks and watch the minnows.
We spotted this Siamese kitty catching grasshoppers on the side
of the trail. He was very friendly!

Busy week...the boys are taking a hunter's educational
course thurs-sat. They are participating in the youth
turkey shoot the end of April. They are pretty estatic
about getting their license. Then in August there is a
Pheasant hunt. Can't wait to post these pics!

Crazy weather up day you're wearing sundresses
and the next day your back in hoodies and pants! Looking
forward to summer lazy days....on the beach!



HOPE said...


Did you save the Kitty for me! What a cutie..


Vanessa said...

Great photos! I love the one of the fence! So peaceful!

Sending prayers to your soldier while he is on his mission.

And yes wearing PJs outside is a stereotype, I don't get why it's a military stereotype but it's one that I see often! I'll send you the list of stereotypes for you have a giggle!

Zumba is a great class! I LOVE IT! Wish I could do it more often but most of the classes are at night and a sitter is hard to find when Cpl. Mayhem is away. But I go when I can. Right now I'm doing Insanity and that's a workout!

Enjoy your day!

J.H said...

I feel for you and your family, and pray that the hand of the Lord will protect your soldier. I came from a country like Afganistan (99% moslem population), it's not easy to be a minority christian there..., leave it alone to be a soldier from a foreign land (who is christian, and american).
May the Lord send peace to your heart to let you know that your soldier will be just fine in His caring hand.

Shannon C. said...

Hey friend,
I have enjoyed reading your blog recently and have also enjoyed your interior design ideas. I especially liked the rate your space link, its so much fun. I also have enjoyed seeing pics of you and the kids and love seeing your photography shots. Good job! Your recent pics are amazing! Yeah, its rough staying positive sometimes, especially in your situation. I'll been there so I can totally relate. Stay strong girly, you can do it. Your right, staying busy is very helpful and getting outside and enjoying the fresh air is theraputic. :-) Will be praying for ya and miss ya. <3

Amber said...

Thanks for stopping by my blog! I'm now a follower of yours:)

I also wish for our time apart from our men goes by fast! I'm so ready for mine to come home already! Gesh....sometimes, time just stands still.