Monday, April 12, 2010

Dear Diary...lovin the sunshine.

Is it just me or do these look like pajamas?

going to the shops in pink pajama pants + slippers Pictures, Images and Photos

I'll go out on a limb here and say, Yep I'm pretty sure these
are pajama pants! Oh my goodness...she's wearing slippers...AND
pj's to the supermarket!

Apparently you can even FISH in your PJ's! I know what Grandpa
is thinking here, "I hope this picture doesn't end up on
Facebook or someone's blog!
Fishing in our PJs Pictures, Images and Photos

So it wasn't a nighmare! I REALLY did wear my pajama's to
Robert and the infamous Larry the Cable Guy pajama pants. Pictures, Images and Photos

Okaayyy, I'll stop! I just had to post this, as I spotted my
neighbors who just moved next door to me, get out of their car
from running their PAJAMA's....the WHOLE family!

I really am not that brave or is it lazy ( not sure) to go
out in public in my PJ's. When did this become a fashion
trend? And where did it start? Hmmm....I google and here is
a statement from a fashion artist/writer.

"Laziness compelled young kids to start wearing their flannel
pajama pants in public and so clothing manufacturers caught
on—a new fashion!"

It seems I see even adults wearing them everywhere!

Even caught a few soldiers at the PX in their Pajamas...course
maybe they were there buying laundry soap, because their
civilian clothers were all dirty! :P

Do YOU wear your PJ's out? And do you feel about it?

I really wasn't going to post on PJ's tonight? I was
just so fascinated by the neighbors a minute ago!

Soldier was administered his meds and is feeling much
better. After a couple days I was able to hear
from him last night. They had a bad storm and the phone
and computers were out of business.

We went exploring this afternoon and found a new
park! I couldn't resist taking pics. And they are
such the little hams!

We could see our little town from the top of the park!


They were trying to point out all the places they
had been to!
These are the dresses I made the girls last summer! They
only wore them a couple times...cold weather came fast!

The walls are original to the park from 1900!Photobucket

Of course they wanted to climb the rock wall!




Can't wait to get outside more with the kids! I can
use the fresh air and sunshine!



HOPE said...

Well you have an argument here..LOL..rock climbing in dresses or PJ's to the store!

I too have noticed a LOT of PJ's around town too...Laaaazy is the word. Hair combed..nooooo. I'd hate to ask if they brused their teeth! eeew

Great pics....can't wait to hug you all!!!

sasicas said...

Cute pics! Looks like a fun day.

On the pj front, we see it ALL the time. I will admit that I wore my pj's out the night before Charlie's bday, I decided to go out and buy him donuts late at night, realizing Krispy Kreme was closing in 30 minutes and was 25 minutes away LOL. So I ran out and picked up donuts and thankfully he was able to swallow pieces of the donut since he wasnt able to chew yet LOL.

Audra said...

Super darling photos of the kids. Can we talk about how much I love those dresses? It brought back memories when my mother use to sew for my middle sister and I (little sis wasn't born yet) in matching fabric in same or different colors.

Ok...let's talk about the pj thing. At no time have I EVER gone out in public in my jammies. No way, I was raised with some scruples and discretion.

I may have taken an infant or toddler out as an emergency in jammies if they were sick but never because I was too lazy to change them and make them look presentable.

Furthermore, my kids are allowed to wear pajamas to school. My son can't wear a red shirt or flannel shirt because it could show "gang affiliation" but he can wear his Old Navy Christmas pj and no one would raise an eye. when did sleep ware become "fashionable" instead of functional? If I see pajamas courting the runways this spring, I may stage a mutiny and make my son start wearing footed jammies to bed. I am sure he would NOT wear those to school.

Where is this country headed oh right...flush!

end of rant!

Vanessa said...

Here's my two cents on the flannels. It's a stereotype that I've seen military wives do but I never understood it. I'm not saying that I don't wear my PJs in the house during the day. I just don't like wearing jeans while I'm cleaning the house. But you will NEVER catch me wearing them out of the house.

So glad to hear that your soldier is feeling better and that you got a call! Mine is due to leave in the next couple of weeks, taking every moment in at this point.

Love the photos! your kids are just adorable!

Jessica said...

okay first of all your kiddos are beautiful, and the pictures are great. I can't wait for my new little one to get here so I can snag you to take family pictures for us! So thankful that Michael is feeling better and that you got to talk to him! On the pj thing, only in a nightmare would I wear my jammies in public. Oh and I have good news- the shelf you have been looking for has been found, when I know all the details I will let you know!

J.H said...

pajamas to store and girl in dresses doing rock climbing LOLs.
Btw, I am glad your soldier feeling much better :-)
I love those picture you took of them :-) really pretty.

Veronica Lee said...

Your kids are beautiful.

Hi! Stopping by from MBC. Love your blog.