Friday, April 9, 2010

Dear soldier is sick!

My soldier called me tonight! Poor connection that I
can hardly hear him...and then it doesn't help that the
new phone I bought is crappy and just hangs up in the
middle of a conversation! He's been up coughing all
night and therefore, isn't getting any sleep. I hate
I'm not there to help him feel better! He was going to
see the Medic when he got off the phone to get some

I don't know what I ate or drank but I should try that
again, whatever it was, cuz I finally have had the energy
to do stuff since soldier left!

My boys and I moved the piano into the living room. I was
going to get rid of it and get a digital since we're living
on post! But decided to keep what I had and since we (kids
& I) are supposed to sing at church on Sunday, I thought
it might be a good idea to actually practice a bit before
we get up there :P

Well, the nice sunny weather that I thought was spring was
literally April Fool's. The last two days have been cold and
rainy, and tonight we are supposed to get snow flurries!
Welcome to upstate New York! Do you know they send soldiers
from Alaska to train here, because it's colder here????

Back to our lovely spring weather, I hate that I can't
plant anything till May!!! That's practically the middle
of summer! :O So instead I put out a bird feeder, two
of them and filled them to the brim.

The next day I had every species of bird from here to
Cancun in my backyard. And three days later BOTH my
birdfeeders were completely empty! Geez, I thought MAYBE
I'd have to buy bird seed every couple months, nope,
looks like now that will be a staple on my grocery list.
I can't very well stop, my kids love watching them.
Is there some way to get rid of the pesky Blue Jays though?
They run off the cute little finches that try to eat.

I am totally missing out on the beautiful Tulip fields
in Washington state. April is so gorgeous in the valley.
Wooden Shoe Tulip Field Pictures, Images and Photos

This one was taken in Mt Vernon, WA

Here is Big Sister playing in the tulips!

Two weeks and a whole day into deployment, and little girl
asks everyday, "How long has daddy been gone?" I sigh, "Too


So many of you are saying prayers for us and your comments are
encouraging to me! Thank you! It means a lot to me~



HOPE said...

Praying for our soldier. He'll be okay..God knows. He may be the only soldier over there however..requesting GARLIC by the POUND!

You'll be enjoying the SUNSHINE before you know that pic of Beebers on the swing..the laughter and fun of youth.

I too have to make the seeds a grocery list weekly item. We had some this year visit that I'd not seen last year...LOVE IT.

Keep up the good grades! YOU CAN DO IT..YES, YOU CAN!


Parchey Family said...


Deployments are hard but soon you will find a routine and things will get easier. The beginning is the worst. And although you will him everyday and think about all the time it really will just get easier. Fortunatly my children were never old enough to notice and would not remind me everyday so that will make it a little bit harder. But I know that you get through this and you will truly learn just how strong you really are. God Bless and I will continue to prayer for you family. Angie

Parchey Family said...


If you didn't notice I should really proof read my posts. But I am sure that you can figure out what I was trying to say. Angie

sasicas said...

HA HA HA HA HA you cant go see the Tulips and I can ;) Yep Im nicest SIL ever rubbing it in, dont ya think ;)

J.H said...

Wow, that's beautiful tulips field!! How I wish I'll be there to see it myself :-)
I bet it must be hard to live with the constant thought of your man on the other side of the globe. Will be praying for you, I am sure I will need a lot of tips from you as well when my husband is gone.

Audra said...

ooh...sorry to hear that the soldier is sick. We would love to make him a care package and send it over for him. send me your email and we can work this out... Just a friendly hello from the appreciative folks from Arizona!

Love the shots of the kids, they are simply stunning, getting so grown up!