Thursday, April 8, 2010

Dear Diary.....two weeks into deployment!

Wow! I'm not doing so hot with my diary here! But I've been kinda
moody since soldier has been gone. Some days I want to vent and talk
to people, and other days I just wanna crawl in a hole somewhere.

I'm doing better with not worrying about him. We've been doing
devotions out of I Samuel. Actually we're doing the whole book.

In the book of Samuel chapter 1, Hannah prayed at the temple
for a son, as she had not been able to have kids. She was so
upset about it that she refused to eat and was in
anxiety all the time. When she finally made her requests
to God, the Bible says that her countenance was no more sad!

She left her burden with the Lord and trusted
that whatever happened would be alright, because she was
leaving it all in the Lord's hands.

Anxiety, worry, fear, are
all characteristics of a child of God who is not
trusting or leaning on the Lord

These emotions and feelings are a result of us trying to
fight control over a situation that most of the time we have
no control over anyway.

"What time I am afraid, I will trust in thee"
A simple verse I learned as a child...and still find myself
repeating this when I begin to feel fear!

Soldier was able to call last night! I feel so bad for them.
They have to stand in a long line to use the phone and sometimes
only get to talk for about 3 to 5 minutes, because so many
soldiers are waiting to talk to family.
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Last night, he was able to use the phone for 20 minutes!
I started making a list of things I want to tell him when
he calls, because you just forget the moment they get on the
phone. Emotions kinda take over and it's easy to forget
what you've been wanting to say all day or week.

I'm thankful for my studies that are keeping my mind busy!
As of this week I'm still maintaining an A in all my classes!
Hope to continue this through the semester.

Tonight we are treating ourselves to some chocolate
covered strawberries and Mr. Bean (movie)!

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Mr. Bean is a cleverly funny British Actor! They are hilarious
episodes with almost no dialoge at all! I have fond memories
of my sister and I with all the kiddos watching episodes of Mr. Bean
and hearing the kids shriek with hysterics.
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Hoping for sweet dreams tonight~



Vanessa said...

I'm glad you were able to talk to your soldier for so long!

I agree with you on the wanting to talk someone's ear off one day, then hide the next.
The only people who don't understand are the people who I usually talk to. I get emails and phone calls and they want me to talk, they try to force me sometimes, it's hard not to tell them to back off but they just don't get that I'm not in a mood to chat.

Hope you enjoyed you chocolate covered strawberries and Mr. Bean!

ericka @ alabaster cow said...

this must be very hard to go through. i wish you the best while he's deployed.

and i need some chocolate covered strawberries now :)

Free2bMommy said...

Cute blog! Love your main pic!