Monday, April 19, 2010

Dear Diary....Spring is back...for now.

My soldier called this morning! Yipeee! He
was supposed to go on a mission, but was
cancelled at the moment, so he was able to get
away for a few minutes and call me. He made it
through the night mission last week and said
it was uneventful.

A couple weeks ago there were on a mission and he
spotted a woman lying in a bikini on the side
of the road! This is not normal for their culture or dress...
this is a ploy they now use...they use their women this way
when they want to distract the American soldiers
as they're on the road. Soldier knew this and
immediately the squad was aware of danger and
cautiously proceeded on a different route.

Made me think of how the devil has his distractions
too, to keep us off the right path and lead us to
danger. If our attention is on our mission and our
eyes open to the danger the enemy puts along our path,
we can avoid it before we fall to its prey.

So, some you know I'm an avid mountain climber and hiker!
I'm also obssessed with making bucket lists or "things
I want to do before I'm over the hill" lists. One
goal I have set for this summer is to hike Mt Marcy in
the Adirondacks! It's the highest summit in NY. It is
number 1 of the 46ers...another feat I would love to
tackle, except that we're only going to be here another
year...and climbing 46 peaks in a year is not going
to happen with all that I have planned....maybe I
could do half and come back! :P

Mt. Marcy is a 15 mile round trip hike...It's a
challenging, strenuous hike...but that's why I'm
training now...getting my mind, body, & soul...prepared
to accomplish this...end of July! I'm pretty pumped about
it! It will keep my mind busy and off current issues!
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Free2bMommy said...

That is crazy about the bikini lady! Insane! Good luck in your training for Mt. Marcy!!


Audra said...

Insane about the half nekid lady. It's amazing they would even go that far as to show a woman's body in a country that is so fiercely adamant about women being covered.

Thanking God your soldier was aware and he and his troop steered clear of danger.

Thrilled to hear you are doing the Mt. Marcy hike. Can't wait to cheer you on as you cross this off your bucket list!

Did I mention before how grown up your kids are getting! Can it really be near a year? They have grown leaps and bounds and look gorgeous.

J.H said...

I feel sorry for that bikini's woman... who probably forced to do that out of her will.
*sigh* there is either no freedom for woman or too much freedom in this world today.

Carrie said...

Wish I could go on the hike with you! I've gotten back into running and going to classes at the Y. So glad to hear your soldier is doing well.....even though I don't always leave comments I check on you daily. Love you....