Monday, August 9, 2010

Dear Diary, back to school already?

Today is the first day I didn't have to run around town,
visit a friend,or have people the last couple weeks!!!
I cleaned house, painted a wall in my kitchen with chalkboard
paint(pics to come) caught up on laundry, squeezed in a devotions
and chat with the kids,went through some fabric to design some
new clothes for kiddos school year. Amazing the clothes you can
come up with in repurposing what you already have...hopefully
tomorrow between the gym, grocery store, and library I can
sew a little. phew...tired thinking about tomorrow already.

Last week, we went on another hike in search of more blackberries!
We didn't find any, but we went toad hunting,wrangled a snake,
and even did a little rock climbing!

Then last weekend, some missionaries to Bulgaria came and
stayed with our family while they presented their mission
to our church. We had a great time and I of course snuck
in a photoshoot for them!

School starts Monday for me and the following Monday is the
kids start date. Where did summer go??? I don't think I've
ever had a summer go by so fast, have you? As most of you
know I homeschool my kids, it's a disease. Once you got it
it just doesn't go away. This year I panicked a little
about school curriculum...wanting to provide a more
structured curriculum I checked out ACE School of Tomorrow.
It would cost close to 900.00 to adequately provide all the
books for all four kids. YIKES! That's more than my budget will
allow. I found 4th grade on Ebay...the whole shabang for 10
bucks!!!! It is used and I'll have to erase ever single book...
but I figured I saved 180.00 dollars. Then the Lord just
directed me to call my sis-n-law who homeschools, she had
just pulled out 7th grade switched-on-schoolhouse to find a
new home for as she wasn't going to use it...but God knew I
would, so I now have all three grades spoken for, and God
will provide for lil' girl's schooling in time! :D I love
how God provides...and it the nick of time! He knows my
needs before I do!!! Sometimes it pays to be "poor"...
we rely a lot more on God and are faith is increased



HOPE said...

The ADVENTURES never cease!!! I am HAPPY that you are soo very busy...the time will pass quickly and SOLDIER will be HOME before you know it!!!

I might borrow that pic of the girls for a header...the giggly CUTE.

The SNAKE..didn't come home with you did it? how 'bout the frogs...hee hee

Love the photos and those in them!!!

J.H said...

amen! God never fail to provide even our smallest needs :-)
Praying that the Lord will hold you strong during the absence of your husband.

Sarah said...

Praise the Lord! So neat to watch Him work, although sometimes its just plain frustrating when you are in the situation and ready to pull your hair out waiting for His plan to be unraveled! LOL

A.B. said...

Hah, homeschooling disease. LOL! I've got that too.
It's wonderful that your book needs are coming together like that.
Beautiful really!
Thanks for sharing the lovely hiking pictures.
As soon as it cools off a bit, we have big hopes for wonderful hikes.